It’s that moment during the day at work when our mind wanders (a.k.a. it’s after lunch).

Maybe there’s just not enough time to start on a new task. Maybe you’re feeling a little uninspired from the monotony of your current project and you’re in need of a breather. You know what? We don’t judge. We’ve all been there.

In fact, we’ve got just the right solution for you: Sit back, relax and enjoy during these time-outs – all of us need a little something to rejuvenate our minds before before continuing with our daily grind.

They say positive thinking changes your whole perspective on life. We think so too! Perhaps you’re looking for ideas but don’t know where to start? Seeking inspiration online can help you brainstorm for, well, basically anything.

Here are some sites just for you:

(1) Positivity Blog

the positivity blog

For that extra boost of positivity in your everyday life.

(2) Emergency Compliment

emergency compliment

This site is packed with hilarious compliments that will instantly make your day better!

(3) Kickstarter


This site is not just about crowdfunding but also about discovering a vibrant and creative universe put together by innovative people! Hit the “Discover” page and instantly be inspired!

(4) Calm


Every job comes with stress. Take a moment for yourself with this site/app that allows you to meditate and be one with your inner being. Perhaps you will find that fresh ideas flow in faster when the mind is revitalised!

(5) Expedia


The ultimate way to pamper yourself? Plan your next holiday! Expedia allows you to get hotels at the best price without comparing with other online sites.

(6) Product Hunt

product hunt

They make it so easy to keep up with the new tech, sites and products. Simply a must-visit for technology-lovers!

(7) Vox


Let Vox educate you on general interests and news so that you become a know-it-all! You will never encounter awkward silences in conversations ever again.

Productivity comes to people in different ways and definitely takes hold better when the mind is clear or inspired! Don’t be afraid to take a break when you just can’t go on anymore. Instead, hop on to inspirational sites and let them work their magic.

Did we miss out on any other awesome websites?
Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Posted by Rebecca Koay