Entrepreneurship and startups seem to be making a lot of people especially the young generation very excited about quitting their jobs and starting their own companies.

But wait. Before you head out there and try to start your own business, it’s important to realise that calling yourself an entrepreneur does not earn you the title.

And the best place to learn the entrepreneurial spirit and attitude is right there in your current job, without having to even risk any of your time and money.

Despite working for others as an employee, you have the choice to become an entrepreneur in your job. Really? You must be wondering: “How can I be an entrepreneur when I am merely an employee?”

Here are 5 ways of how you can take charge of your career and be entrepreneurial in your job:

  1. Start Treating Your Job As Your Baby

Every entrepreneur treats their idea and work as something close to their heart. Without love and care, the idea will not grow healthily and become great. When you are an employee, you should fall in love with your job and you will go further in your career quickly even before you realize it.

  1. Be a Giver, not a Taker

Stop expecting a raise every time you are being asked to work harder or have to do something extra. Entrepreneurs barely even had the money to buy food when they started building on their ideas. On the other hand, being an employee gives you the advantage to enjoy more income while working hard. An entrepreneurial employee volunteers to contribute more. Entrepreneurial colleagues move up the corporate ladder fast because they see the work itself as the reward, and trust that recognition will follow in future.

  1. Be Ambitious

Stop seeing yourself as someone who is insignificant in your company. Be ambitious like an entrepreneur and put zeal into your work! Without ambition, no one is ever going to give you an opportunity to do bigger and more important work.

  1. Be Bold

Entrepreneurs will never hold back whenever they have something greater to propose. Remember, the company belongs to everyone who is fighting for it. Big or small, your opinion and ideas are potentially going to influence important decisions in the company. The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma often tells his audience: “I know nothing about technology. It is the engineers who have built the system for Alibaba. It is them who change the world!”

  1. Stop Complaining

Have you ever seen an entrepreneur complaining about how life is treating him or her unfairly? Stop whining and get cracking. An entrepreneurial employee is always ready to face problems in their work because they understand that a true entrepreneur is a great problem solver.

Whether you are an accountant, engineer or executive, you have the choice to be entrepreneurial in your career!



Posted by Hui Qian

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