About a week ago, I was going through my Instagram feed and I came across a picture posted by my good friend cum professional dancer, Emma Tosh. The picture she uploaded was of her in a dancer’s pose, shot in an artistic style. Pictures in this style are a regular on Emma’s Instagram feed, so I stalked her to look at more of her beautiful uploads.


I decided to give her a call and invite her to talk to us about what it’s like to be a professional dancer. She told us about how it’s not as simple as it may seem from an audience’s view.

For most people, dancing is something along the lines of bopping side to side and perhaps waving your arms around if you’re really adventurous. For Emma, it’s more than a hobby, it’s a passionate career choice. From taking dance classes outside school hours when she was younger, now Emma is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Dance at ASWARA. To Emma, dancing is not a simple surface skill that she can earn money from; it’s a complicated and technical art form that she wants to master.

People would say ‘Why are you taking a degree in dance? Isn’t dancing easy?’ I get annoyed every time someone says that, because they don’t know how much mental and physical torture we go through.


Professional dancing, just like any other professional career, takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to perfect. What you see when you watch a dance show is the outcome of weeks or months of hard work and practice from choreography to costume selection to the final polished performance.

She encourages aspiring dancers to chase the dream and learn as much as possible, from the history to all the different techniques and styles that the dance world has to offer. You never know, you may become the most amazing dancer that the world has ever seen.


She also talked to us about her second passion: diving. Emma is currently on her way to earning her Dive Master certification and plans to make diving her second super cool career.


Emma is one of the few ambitious individuals lighting the way to following your dreams no matter how nonconformist they are. Given that most people spend majority of their adult life working, it’s definitely best to build a career that you’re going to love even on the bad days. You go, girl!



Posted by Shakira Kavanagh

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