The world of BeatBoxing is something relatively unknown to most. The first thing that comes to mind when the word ‘beatbox’ is mentioned would be some dude or dudette rapidly making mouth noises that form beats with rhythm. The more technical term for that will be ‘Vocal Percussionist’.

Cody Foo, or better known around the community as ‘COEX’, a 5-time champion and pioneer of beatboxing in the Southeast Asian region. He has been providing beats for almost a decade and within this time, he founded ‘BeatNation Malaysia’ as the official sanctioned body to help and grow the beatboxing industry and artists. With BeatNation, beatboxers are able to find opportunities for paid jobs, and collaborations with other artists.

“Whatever time you have on your hands, use it to make yourself better.”

COEX is the first Malaysian beatboxer to win the Gold Medal for Malaysia in the beatboxing arena, performed for large-scale music events like Future Music Festival Asia 2012, and did the opening act for artists like Wang Lee Hom (Taiwan), U-KISS (Korea) and Yuna (M’sia).

“Patience is a must, and don’t ever ever ever ever ever sell yourself short.”




Posted by Joshua Boey

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