Elizabeth and Zarul made an instant connection when they first met in 2011. They discovered that they are kindred spirits with similar beliefs in regards to fitness and healthy living. Since then, they have been happily stuck in each other’s lives as friends and now business partners.


Today, they jointly own “a little space” that offers yoga, pilates, art, meditation and exclusive yoga apparel. While most entrepreneurs find themselves having to push their brand aggressively to gain market traction, Our Body Space came about organically due to sheer demand!

“I have been a freelance personal trainer since 2003 and later, a Pilates instructor. Some days, I had classes at up to five different studios, which meant spending a lot of time on the road just getting from one place to another,” said Elizabeth. (source)

The space simply oozes calm and serenity from the moment you step inside. Taking up a 3-storey lot in Albakri Court, Persiaran Ampang Hilir, you can browse and purchase high quality yoga apparel by Divine Goddess on the ground floor. But hey, if you feel that your closet has enough stretchy yoga pants, you may be more interested in the handmade all-natural beauty and bath products by Earth Care, a homegrown Malaysian brand.

Image Source: Our Body Space

While I waiting to meet Elizabeth and Zarul, I was greeted by Yogi. Because I’m a dog lover (or some would say crazy dog lady), I gave Our Body Space about 100 brownie points in their favour even before I was able to explore the impressive workout spaces on the middle and top floors.

A qualified FISAF and personal trainer, Elizabeth is certified in yoga, body balance, pilates, gyrokinesis and gyrotonics. She has come a long way since discovering how “bendy” she is during her first try at yoga in University when she was only 20 years old.


Image Source: Our Body Space

Her partner in crime, Zarul, has had yoga in the back of mind since the 60s! Diagnose with polio when he was younger, he always had a challenge with his legs. On one fine day, he decided to heed the advice a therapist gave him to try yoga… and he never looked back.


Image Source: Our Body Space

When asked what their dreams were outside the yoga/pilates world, Elizabeth noted that she would love to help people more through charity work, somehow combining giving massage (without happy endings) to the community with giving back to the community in general.

On a similar level, Zarul stressed the importance of community, hoping that their journey in the world of mindfulness and connecting with ourselves will eventually result in an escape such as that of a retreat. A great dream, considering the fact that it’s getting increasingly common to be detached from our natural selves and the natural world as more concrete demolishes mother nature’s creations.

Image Source: Our Body Space

Image Source: Our Body Space

Image Source: Our Body Space

“Don’t give up. There’s always going to be obstacles, but they will make you stronger,” said Zarul.

Elizabeth added that we shouldn’t listen to the downers. Family and friends mean well and are being cautious for you but it may come off negative as put you down as a result. In the end, nobody knows you like you do, so just follow your heart.

The current pace that which technology evolves is unprecedented in history, so much so that competition in business is crazier than ever! That being said, it’s always important to look up from your phone, shut down your laptop and take a moment to be mindful. A walk in a park away from the city’s hustle and bustle will do wonders, trust me!



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