As more people rely on the internet to get services and information, the demand for web programmers continue to soar. Web programmers are commonly required in some of the world’s largest economies such as the US, India and China. Employers pay top dollar to web programmers who can build a website or code the next coolest mobile app.

Web programmers or sometimes called as web developers work on building and maintaining cutting-edge applications that support customer needs for interactive websites. They are often self-employed or they work for businesses, universities, hospitals, private organisations and government entities.

In line with this, we’re featuring Aleksei Sviridov,’s newest web programmer. Recently, he just moved to Malaysia from Moscow, Russia. He is a married man with two kids. Let’s hear from him how he views about his job:


1. We understand that you’re currently improving our EasyUni website. Can you tell us more about what a web programmer normally does?

Yes, I’m working with a team of programmers and designers to help make the Easyuni site more attractive and user-friendly to both new and old users. Looking back, I’d say a web programmer’s work is very diverse and constantly expanding and the projects can vary, too. To simplify, web programmers build websites from the bottom up. We are also responsible for writing the code that tells a website how to function or behave.


2. How long have you been working as a web programmer? What course did you finish and from which university/college?

I have been working as a web programmer for 8 years. I studied at Moscow State University of Railway Engineering or MIIT. I’m from the Institute of Telecommunications and Electrification. It’s Russia’s largest university for transport and transport construction.


3. What made you take up this course and ended up in web programming job?

As a young kid, it was normal to look up to your parents and older siblings. Both my father and brother graduated from the same university, too. When I started working, web programming was my part-time job.

4. What are the challenges of your job? What’s cool about your job?

It’s quite time-consuming, I would say. Sometimes it takes hours just to solve one error.Of course I like my job, regardless of the challenges. The challenges are what make this job interesting. Coming out with an effective strategy to solve the issue in the fastest way is the main idea of web programming. It’s like playing LEGO. You take something and put in something to construct something out of it. Besides, it’s just like any other games as well. War games like StarCraft to be specific. You brainstorm strategies to build your kingdom and conquer other kingdoms, effectively.


5. What do you think makes a good web programmer? Should he/she be good in maths? Can a gamer be a programmer?

Basically, anyone can be a web programmer. All you need to do is to organise your work well. If you make mistakes, you’re actually making progress as well. So don’t worry about it. The more you experience, the better you will become.

6. Do you think web programming is a cool course to take? You have children of your own, would you encourage your kids to take up web programming?

I’m not sure if it’s a cool thing to expect kids to follow you. It’s really up to their passion and interests. I’m totally fine with it if they are really interested in this field. It’s a great career, but web programming is a job more suited for an introvert because a lot of time is spent in front of the computer, programming codes.

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7. You’ve been with EasyUni for about a month now, may we know what made you join the company and leave your home country?

A friend of mine told me that EasyUni has job vacancies, so I tried applying and went through a couple of interviews. That’s why I ended up here. In fact, I brought my family to stay here as well.

8. I suppose this is your first time being in Malaysia, how is it like working here? How is it different from the working experience in your country?

Yes, it’s my first time coming to Malaysia and I kinda like it here as I got to know a lot of nice people. There isn’t too much of difference between working here and there. Either place doesn’t really make any difference to me.


9. During your first few weeks, what things have you learned about Malaysia? How do you like our food? What have you discovered lately?

Nasi Kukus! Malaysia has awesome food and the people here are really kind to me.


10. Overall, what’s your impression of Malaysia?

I really like it here. There are a lot of nice people here, even my family enjoy living in Malaysia as well. We’re really happy now. Looking forward to more Nasi Kukus.


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