Would you ever consider yourself a genius at talking? Starting conversations sounds like a breeze to you because the upside is that you get to meet new people. Even if we think we are great talkers, we tend to also stick to people who are more like us because it is easier, more comfortable and effortless. But what about colleagues whose personalities differ from us? How do we talk to them? Learn how to communicate based on colours!

At times, it may be hard for us to approach our colleagues because we do not know how they are going to react. Before you know it, we lose the chance of actually getting to know them alongside the opportunity of networking. Trust me, you wouldn’t want that!

Communicate based on colours jobs malaysia

Now, look at the matrix above. This matrix represents the 4 different personalities according to 4 different colours. Of course, you do have the basic introvert and extrovert, but nobody really is 100% introvert or 100% extrovert. Where you relate is most likely where you stand in terms of your personality and how that determines the way you communicate with other people.


RED nature

Communicate based on colours jobs malaysia

For colleagues who identify with the colour RED, they usually make stronger leaders, they think on their feet, they love to take risks, seen as rational and openly competitive. They can come across as extroverted, mainly because they put their personalities on display and are not afraid of doing so.

Because they are not afraid of showing their colours, they are also not afraid of showing their distaste. They are a very impatient lot; so wasting their time is a total NO! Their thirst for leading a group cannot is obvious, so let them take the reins and learn from them. Just don’t forget to be direct, firm and confident when trying to address a RED. But don’t be personal as they might take it personally because it pushes them off their radar.


YELLOW nature

Communicate based on colours jobs malaysia

Just like the colour yellow, your colleagues may own a more enthusiastic character, high energy, very imaginative, loves being around people – soul of the party. Given the fact that they love being around people, they put a lot of effort into forming and maintaining relationships.

Things that YELLOW’S don’t like are when their opinions are sidelined. They are sociable people. Being comfortable and informal is their game. If you get down straight to business, you’ll most likely end up facing a negative reaction. So, remember to wind down first and level with a YELLOW. Otherwise, you’ll end up dealing with more than intended.


BLUE nature

Communicate based on colours jobs malaysia

Picture the sea and that is what you get when facing a BLUE. These people are found to be more calm and relaxed in nature. As opposed to RED and YELLOW, they are considered an introvert. They take things with caution, they respond logically and they like analyzing situations before getting ahead of themselves. I guess you can call them OCD in a way that they are very detailed oriented, very specific and precise. Unlike RED’s or YELLOW’s, they move at a slower pace because they want to be sure of everything. BLUE’S like having all the facts together before making a decision.

BLUE colleagues are not big fans of people who are disorganized. Beware! Do not push them, or they WILL bite! If you’re vague with your instructions, you better be prepared to answer a lot of questions. They are very much facts and figures driven but most of all, DO NOT GET EMOTIONAL! They cannot handle the stress when there’s too much emotion involved.


GREEN nature

Communicate based on colours

Last but certainly not least are colleagues who identify with the GREEN traits. The easiest one to get along with and they place an emphasis on being chill, caring in nature, very patient kind of people and very encouraging at that too. Just like BLUE’s, these people also take their time when it comes to making a decision but the upside is that they can be very understanding. Because GREEN’S differ to that of RED, YELLOW or BLUE, they are the neutral zone for everyone else.

The worst thing you can do is to demand and request things from the get go. Good luck trying to reconcile after doing this. Also, do not just assume your GREEN colleagues’ personality traits. They hate that. Instead, be honest about your assumptions and see what they say. Honesty is greatly appreciated for GREEN’s. The best part about them is that, once you have established some sort of trust, THEY’LL HAVE YOUR BACK! So, don’t go trying to ruin that.

So, what do you think?

It can come in handy right? Deciphering people and learning how to go about their personalities. Trust me, it may be hard at first but once you get the hang of it, it gets much easier. I hope you have found this somewhat informative and beneficial.


Here at WOBB, we use this matrix to communicate with each other. How ‘bout you?




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