We now know that there are approximately 500,000 fresh graduates that remain unemployed. Don’t lose hope! As long as you stop doing things that contribute to your unemployment, there is still light at the end of the tunnel!

We have found 8 companies that are currently looking to hire fresh grads just like you!


1. U5FB

Companies Hiring Fresh Grads

Surely most of you have heard of “The Original Boat Noodle”. Presenting to you their mother company, U5FB! The Journey that started from the streets of Bangkok has lead to U5FB creating a successful F&B chain. U5FB is always family first. Learning from “The Original Boat Noodle”, the brand has the core values of family. Educating and growing staff to their potential. Their goal is always evolving. Everyone in the company dresses in smart casual which reflects the go-forward thinking of the brand. U5FB will continue to keep the core values and culture that has driven the brand forward. Now, they are looking for a new addition to the family!

2. Agoda.com

Agoda Jobs Malaysia

Many of us turn to this website for great accommodation deals! Agoda.com is a leading Asia-based online travel accommodation company. This travel agency specializes in securing the best accommodations at the lowest prices for travellers. They have 3,500 professionals around the world providing a first-rate reservation service in 40 languages. It uniquely combines local knowledge and local connections to provide the best deals for both business and leisure travellers. Join them now!

Graaab Jobs Malaysia

Graaab is a private community mobile application, born with the purpose of enhancing communities and creating “the better life”. They believe this can be achieved by fulfilling the 3 pillars, “Communication, Security & Convenience”. Graaab focuses on introducing features that help enhance the security, communication and convenience level for a better community living, enabling everyone to Graaab.. the better life. They are a young, dynamic team and they are growing! They are looking for a like-minded person who likes challenges and driving growth!

4. TeleMe

TeleMe is a digital healthcare platform that utilises technology to create a connected ecosystem between doctors, patients and pharmacists. They aim to redefine the healthcare landscape in Malaysia by providing convenient and affordable access to healthcare services through Telemedicine. TeleMe also believes in progression. It’s not what you can do today that matters, but what you can achieve in the future with hard work, determination, passion and tenacity. If you are a dynamic and passionate individual with an entrepreneurial streak, apply now! Hop on their bandwagon and be part of an exciting movement, as they strive to improve, innovate and impact the healthcare industry.

5. Worthy Book

Worthybook 4 show

Worthy Book is a voucher booklet for freebies, deals and discounts at some of Malaysia’s most popular spots, ideal for your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones! Nowadays, their coupon book can be found on the shelves of bookstores in Klang Valley such as Borders, Books Kinokuniya, MPH, Times Bookstore, Mynews.com and Popular. Worthy Book also distributes their voucher booklets via their online store. The team boasts a number of employees and looking for you to join the team!

 6. HealthMetrics

Jobs malaysia healthmetrics 14999220 show

They’re not only great but an awesome place to work. Your manager is not your manager but your mentor. HealthMetrics also believes in bringing the best out of everyone, rather than jamming them into a job that they hate. Impress them with what you do best and how you want to do it better, and they will definitely do their part in ensuring what you do best and love be part of your career in HealthMetrics.

7. Buzzworks

Row 1 2nd photo show

Buzzworks is an animation studio with a genuine love for creating content that engages and inspires. Their mission is to provide the best motion graphics and animation videos for some of the most recognized brands around the world. Brands they have had the privilege of working with include Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Peugeot, Open University Malaysia and AXA to name a few. In the name Buzzworks, be creative, daring and passionate. Apply now!

Project Coordinator

8. Synchroweb Technology

Synchroweb Technology Jobs Malaysia

Synchroweb Technology is a technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. Their innovations in open source and enterprise infrastructure have made them and the brand one of the most premier open source & infrastructure company. This company generates revenue by delivering relevant, cost-effective, solutions, products and services. They are now hiring!


Remember, jobs that only fill your pocket but does not contribute to your growth is not the right job for you. 

P.S : WOBB is also hiring! If you’re looking to join a team of highly-driven individuals and have a passion for the hustle and bustle of startups, check out our list of vacancies here! Make sure you’re signed up!




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