We got a confession lately from someone sharing her experience as a trainee while she was finishing her undergraduate studies. She shared a pretty horrible experience that did not yield much in terms of learning and personal growth, other than the fact that she became the receiving end of verbal abuse and relentless scolding.

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“I did my training at an engineering firm during my undergrad. I remember one of my supervisors told me after our first meeting,

“I have no idea why and what you are doing here.”

And that just stung.

He was soon to be one of my worst experience in the working world (well so far). Being a trainee there was kind of a hell for me. I was trying to be proactive by asking him if there was anything I could do to help until one day he told me I was being annoying so I stopped asking him and continued helping other departments.

He was appointed by his superior to give me a briefing about his project which then turned into a scolding session as he let out his frustrations on me. He turned down my work despite of me asking for his opinion how to improve. I tried to make myself useful but still it wasn’t enough. I hope no trainee had to go through what I went.”

– Kelly


Takeaway Message:

Note to employers, companies, or anyone for that matter: Trainees are not there to be used as frustration-venting punching bags. Trainees rely on you and your company to learn, experience and become better prepared for the working world. They may not know all the ropes (duh, of course that’s why they are trainees!) and may always ask questions bu that is the best way for them to learn; and only you can impart that knowledge and teach them. Who knows, you could learn a thing or two from them as well?

So give them a chance and let their experience with you, and your experience with them be a pleasant and fulfilling one!


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