We got a confession from someone with an interesting observation about the people from management, and ultimately would understand himself better.

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I graduated in 2006 and my first job was a Customer Relationship Executive at a bank. It was something I really wanted to do as it reminded me of my aspirations as little boy imagining that I could help important, high profile people out there managing their money. That stint worked out fine and helped me kick start my career.

From there, I continued my career’s journey to other industries such as Public Relations and Corporate Communications; all of which have gained me many achievements and added some really good friends, many of them were actually colleagues then turn friends throughout those working years. If I didn’t work at these places I would not have been able to meet these wonderful people and have them in my life.

https://i0.wp.com/s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/76/9c/ff/769cff95d075b4295103285caf95271e.jpg?resize=428%2C425&ssl=1In the last company I worked in, I had both good and bad experiences and sometimes, you are just fated to have a weird boss.

That experience had me thinking a hundred times over:

“What if one day I were to become a Boss or leader of some company, would my subordinates hate me?”

What if I was not a person who would be cut out to be a leader even though I could manage the company? Working like that day-in-day-out without any real form of connection or any meaningful relationships built, all just because of the rank barriers or maybe I could just be a bad boss?

What a cold, lonely working life that would be!

but then, I think back and I also had bosses who ate on the same table as the newbies during lunch, and they also had their share of being crazy like as if they were younger than the rest of the staff.

“Maybe I could be like that kind of superior.”

Well maybe not all the time. But this has taught me that bosses or leaders also need to have friends at work too. It makes working much more worth it.

– Arif


Takeaway Message:

No matter what your standing may be in the office, superior or just a normal staff, you are just like every other person in the office – Human. Humans need relationships, and somewhat meaningful ones too. The people you meet at work can transcend just being colleagues to become friends, and then even close friends. This makes your working life a more fulfilling journey. And yes, even your boss needs friends too! 


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