“I have been in the workforce for the past 5.5 years and still counting I suppose! I think I am one of the many university graduates that do not work in their profession of study after graduation. Also, I have to say that I used to be one of the job hoppers upon graduation as I wasn’t sure what I really wanted and all I had in mind that I wanted to try & explore all sort of jobs that may sound appealing and of course pay me good enough to live in the city!

From having to work in IT companies to retail company to headhunter company and finally I’m kind of settled down in the market research industry for the past 3.5 years. Looking back with the job hopping experience, I would say I do not feel regret for doing so as I did really hop for a better job with better pay but of course I had my low moment when one of the jobs did not turn out to be a good experience. It did hurt my self esteem during that period but I was truly glad I was surrounded by some kind souls that I got to know from previous jobs who helped me out during my difficult time. However, again, now I am glad that I did have such not so good work experience which made me to be a better person to make better judgments.

And that’s how I ended up working in the market research industry and I do like this industry as it offers a lot of flexibility at work and the people are less uptight. Nothing is perfect in this world and market research agencies do not pay the best but it is okay. I am lucky when I landed a job with my current company that gave me the opportunity to travel to different places that I have always wanted to have as part of my working life. Travelling for work does open my eyes up to different things in life, different people that I encounter, different cultures and most importantly to be adaptable to different environments. ”


– Jennie Ho

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