I feel like it is difficult for me to find a career that I can be happy with or be proud of, maybe I am too young or maybe I jumped into the career line too quickly. I am working just to finish up my education and to help out my family whenever I can (eventhough they don’t ask) but I just feel bad. My mum is working constantly and my sister does alot, my dad is retired and we have an old uncle to take care of. The stress sometimes gets to me. What if this happens that happens, what is my mum going to do? We are planing to get a house, but I am afraid that because of me it won’t happen (since I am leaving my current company soon) I just don’t want my mum to be burdened by me, which is why I am desperately searching for a career that I can be happy with, an environment which is what I like but this day and age it is really difficult.

I just hope one day I will look back and just laugh it off, and say “damn, I really over-reacted”. But for now I am worried and stressed.”


– Anon

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Posted by Wobbster