“My first job was on 2014. I worked as Customer Service Officer. After few months, I started to looking for another job. I apply a job in an e-commerce company. I send my resignation letter and started working in this company a week later.

I was so happy eventhough the salary is not as high as my previous job. I worked here for 8 months, lost quite a lot of colleagues during “retrenchment season”and started to worry about my future and career path.

My mistake is I send out my resignation letter without even plan what I should do next and this is what happen, I’m jobless for 10 months, only doing part time job as social media influencer until I get an interview at my current company.

I passed the interview and I started working as a salesperson. My challenge right now is I really hate my current job. Sales is not my expertise and being an introvert, I really have trouble in talking to a lot of people.

My interest is book, movie, and writing. I have been writing quite a lot of story (in Malay) during my jobless time and publish it on Wattpad. Surprisingly, I received quite a lot of positive review on my writing on Wattpad.

I find it difficult for me to apply for a job that related to my interest. The reason I sign up for wobb is I still have hope that I can get a job that suits me and my personality really well.”


– Anon

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