“So, yeah. I’ve been a worker for a few years now, ever since stumbling into the IT world via a “startup” that was more like a “shut down”. Ever since my first day in front of a workstation after signing the role acceptance papers, I’ve been of two minds about what I do.

IT doesn’t feel like the greatest career here for someone who doesn’t want to run around, chasing the latest framework or web standard. To be honest, I’ve not had much fun as a professional programmer. In Company M they count your task by the minutes, and frankly my brain has never functioned in that way. I’ve attempted web programming with Company T, but that fell by the wayside too as I lost grasp of whatever weird thing they wanted to implement. Maybe I’m just comfortable walking the rote forms and doing well-documented things, but I’m acutely aware that makes me nothing more than a flesh-robot.”


– Anon

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Posted by Wobbster