“Back in 2013, I was a fresh grad hoping that I will be able to take on the world with my so-called “graduate skills and capabilities”. I was told that obtaining great results or having a great CV would ENSURE me a great job in the working society. Well people, don’t be too naive okay? Mama and papa’s words or maybe the advice from the general class of people may work in the past, but they may not work these days.

So what happened to me? I practically hopped around places to try out literally almost all types of jobs. From events, emceeing, kindergarten teacher, insurance, direct selling and the banking line… OMG I couldn’t really recall what else have I ventured into. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not those impatient Gen Y that couldn’t go through hardships that I got fired from these jobs. I ended them and searched for something better. After all I was a fresh grad and it’s sort of like my gap year. Some of these jobs are on freelance basis anyways 🙂 

So yes, my very first official desk job was in the bank. You know how Asian parents are super proud when you tell them that you are working in the bank? Yeah that happened. But I exited the building after 3 months. Got so depressed I fell sick throughout the 3 months period and then within that 3 months I can literally see how suppressed the employees are in terms of talents and the rights to voice out. Some people have been working in the department for close to 20 years and they still belong to the same position. If the boss doesn’t leave, well let’s just see how long more will you be able to wait till you get your next promotion ok? And that is the main reason why I left.

So I left them and went to look on for other opportunities. I was that desperate to leave that I didn’t get a job offer elsewhere first before I tender my resignation. But it’s ok; I told myself I have better opportunities.

I went through 4 months of aimless searches and rejections. I thought no company will ever hire me again and I will be seen as a failure in life. Holding a 2nd upper degree and being ultra mega hyperactive in co-curricular activities, I sort of lose faith in humanity. 

Up till I found my current company, where they accepted me as an intern although I applied for a full-time position. I was really skeptical at that point because I am supposed to be paid a full-time pay but instead got offered an internship. Well, I took it anyways. And 3 months later, I am working full time for the company. I’ve recently also just celebrated my first year with the company on Merdeka Day. 

It has been an exciting journey so far, and I believe that everything happens for a reason.


– Anon

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