Distancing herself from the world of powders, gloss, foundation, brushes and eyeliners because she thought would make her look weird; Benita Koren soon at a young age found out the direct opposite. She found an obsession and a calling which lead her to now run her own professional makeup service.

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She completed a professional makeup artistry course which helped her learn the basics and gain an understanding of the makeup industry as a whole. Starting from an odd one or two jobs, and basically learning the ropes of the role by doing makeup jobs for free; Benita’s portfolio soon rose to magazines photo shoots, weddings, to video productions and conceptual photo sets.

“It was tough in the beginning. The first hurdle was to properly convince people to trust my makeup skills and style.”


“Because I am young, and probably look even younger, people doubt my experience and think twice about lending their faces over to me!”

Benita pushed on, did as many jobs as she could, looked at what others in the industry were doing, and slowly harnessed her own unique style developed over all the countless experiences. She built a diverse portfolio and network of clientele which then lead her to what she is today.


The most important thing Benita has learned over the course of running her own business is that; to do this job well you really need to be a ‘people person’, communicate well, and be understanding when it comes to your client’s wants and desires.

“Makeup is such a personal thing. Trust is something that has to be built up between you and your client in order for it to really work.”



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