It’s quite a hard thing to fathom, the minds of Generation Y members. Living in the age of an ever-flowing stream of information, it is hard to understand how the kids these days are able to swallow so much at one given time. How do they compartmentalise and segregate the information and still function as proper members of society?

How do their habits and personal aspirations affect how they steer their career? Is it pretty different from the last generation of people? How much has changed? How is it like as a millennial starting out your career at large corporate job or at a startup company? Which is better to fit your needs and wants? Who knows?

BFM 89.9 recently looked up two of their in-house BFM interns to see how they tick, as well as Derek Toh of WOBB to share his experience and advice.


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To you peeps in the Generation Y gap, learn more and how to make savvy decisions for your career by listening to this podcast! 


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