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Gen Y, who we define as those aged 18-34 in 2016, now make 44% of the population in Malaysia. Globally, they are projected to overtake the Baby Boomers in population size by 2028. The Millennial generation now continues to dominate the offices, bringing new cultures and new views on what’s important in a workplace.

While working on the Ultimate Guide to Malaysian Gen Y, we went through a lot of information- global and local researchers studying economic trends, discovering trends in hiring and recruitment. The summary of what has been adopted by the Malaysian market is presented in our video guide, but if you would like to dig deeper, then by all means you should!

Here you will find a library of resources that we used while working on the Ultimate Guide to Malaysian Gen Y. Enjoy!

Guide to Attack and Retain Top Talent by LinkedIn

Why People Switch Jobs by LinkedIn Talent Solutions

2015 Talent Trends by LinkedIn Talent Solutions

2016 Malaysia Talent Trends

The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey: Winning Over the Next Generation of Leaders

Millennials at Work: Reshaping the Workplace by PwC

Finance Matters: Bridging the Knowledge Gap on Malaysia’s Millennials by Asian Institute of Finance

The Pursuit Of Happiness: Creating Meaningful Brand Experiences For Millennials by Zenith Optimedia

Are you in a recruitment position or have to deal with HR processes? If your answer is yes, we believe that our Ultimate Guide to Malaysian Gen Y will be useful to you.

We asked 3 specialists from different areas (psychology, economics, and recruitment) to talk about how workplaces are changing with the domination of Millennials. We hope this will help you see this generation through the eyes of professionals and will spark some new ideas for your recruitment processes. 

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