Do you consider yourself good at what you do? I mean honestly, like really good at what you do. Most of us will find that though we are pretty good at our jobs, we have that nagging feeling that maybe there is still much more to this than what we already know. And that is definitely true.

‘Remember that there is always room to grow.’

Maybe you feel a little stagnant; feel a little stuck in an endless loop of all the tasks and activities that your job requires. Working in a job for a while usually brings you to a little corner where your habits, biased practices and techniques may hinder you from growth. What you have learned along the way to where you are now, though proven, may not be the ‘best way’ to do certain things. So how do you move away from that little corner of yours?

Sometimes the best mirror is not yourself, but someone else

Yes, sometimes instead of looking in the mirror like what Micheal Jackson sang about, you need to get outside forces to help you along your way to better self improvement. As tempting as it may be to just ask for help from friends, family, co-workers or your boss; it may actually be a better idea to get someone who does not know you on a personal level.

Why you may ask? Wouldn’t they be able to accurately access my strengths and weaknesses? My problems and thought processes?

Well let me explain.

Unbiased Opinions

In some ways, if a person knows you well enough; all your bad habits, good traits and pet peeves, they may not be able to accurately give you an honest opinion in fear of offending you and ruining the relationship. Heck they might even not give you a more conclusive thought process because they already know that you are capable of solving the problem yourself. They would have the probability of assuming things because they ‘think’ you may already know.

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Finding a mentor that does not know you could be a more worthwhile investment as they would offer you the benefit of experience and expertise from a different point of view, as well as the all important unbiased, unclouded advice and comments. You would need that to stimulate your growth away from your hard wired practices and methods, and hopefully then help you make smarter decisions and techniques for your career.

Opens Networking Doors

There is also an added bonus of having a mentor, and that will be the ability to access that person’s network as well. Your mentor can greatly help you by opening channels of communication with other people possessing the necessary skills that can aid continuous learning. This does not mean it’s confined to just learning purposes, but it can also bring you career advancement prospects.

So… where do I find myself a great mentor you may ask?

In Malaysia, we have a bunch of great places to hook yourself up with mentors ranging from different industries and disciplines. Here are a few that you can find yourself a mentor!



FutureLab is an online knowledge sharing platform that connects students, young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to mentors around the world. The mentors on FutureLab currently help a community of 1395 mentees from 42 countries.

They guide mentees to achieve their career goals through career insights, cv/cover letter screening and mock interviews. In addition to that, they host a range of webinars which share and teach expertise, industry knowledge, abilities and skills which are accessible for free.

You could also check out their Free Webinars right HERE
Interested to find a career mentor? Do include this promocode FLWOBB2017 for a 20% off when you sign up!


NEXT Academy

Next Academy offers a specialised field of mentors, particularly in the programming and coding sector. They started off as a 9 week coding boot camp in collaboration with MaGIC, a Malaysian government agency mandated to build up the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Now, they are training and mentoring world class junior developers in Southeast Asia, and have graduated over 600+ students from America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia in the past 2 years. Their modules cover coding, digital marketing, design, data science and much more, helping students learn these skills readying them for their workplaces or other ventures.

NEXT Academy has also partnered with WOBB and MDEC to help graduates find jobs as software engineers, so if you are looking to upskill yourself in the tech realm, check it out HERE.


Thriving Talents

Thriving Talents specialises in ‘Millennial Talent Development Solutions’, fully dedicated to assist companies and HR personnel in Attracting, Retaining and Growing the largest population in the workforce today – The Generation Y’s and Generation Z’s.

They help mentor key personnel of HR, Marketing and other subdivisions in companies through corporate training, consultancies, project development and online learning. If you fit in these divisions and are in need for some help from a mentor, drop Thriving Talents a line.



KnowledgeCom Corporation is a specialised company that aims to upskill the workforce of Malaysia by training and certifying public and private universities students, fresh graduates, government servants and professionals.

They design and deliver training services, including ICT skill training, OSHA, and soft skill training, and focus on serving HRDF contributing companies, government agencies, MNC companies, MSC companies, and SMI/SME and international bodies.



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