They say the grass is always greener on the other side, however… being Malaysian has given us a whole lot of reasons to miss about our motherland when we are abroad! So, we asked a couple of friends who have been overseas whether it be for studies or for work, ‘What do they miss most about Malaysia’ when they were there. This may be a generic list but if we were to delve into specifics the list will go on-and-on with over a 3000 word count.

Do you agree that these are the things you would miss the most about Malaysia if say you one day left for good?

1. The Food

The undisputed number one is of course food! Where else in the world can you find such a variety of food that is not only cheap but also delicious: nasi lemak, roti canai, teh tarik, Milo Dinosaur, char kuey teow, dim sum, asam laksa, nasi kandar, curry mee, or thosai? A friend in Germany once said that rice was so scarce there – so when her friends gifted her a 5kg packet of rice, she was literally crying tears of joy! You would probably wake up with cold sweat one day in the middle of the night thinking about that sweet, sweet smell of sambal belacan.

2. Those Desserts

You must be thinking, what kind of list is this that separates desserts from food? Well, of course Malaysian desserts need to be highlighted because we are just so spoiled for choice! There is just as many types of desserts available as our Malaysian food! Cendol, Ais Kacang, Gula Melaka, Kueh Talam, Yew Char Kueh, Apam, Red Bean Soup and attapchi (buah nipah),  are just to name a few. There are even the more offbeat ones which you know what they are but will probably not know the names!

And who can forget that we are home to the king and queen of fruits: the durian and the mangosteen? Or our exotic tropical fruits mixed together to form a most delectable dessert – the buah rojak that’s topped with peanut and shrimp paste? *salivates*

3. That Malaysian Hospitality

We may take it for granted but not every country is as friendly as Malaysia (even if you would not want to admit it!). Did it ever occur to you that Malaysia is likened to one big family? It’s amazing how everyone in Malaysia seems to be… related. Does these sound familiar to you? “Macha! (young brother) Limau ais satu!” at your favourite mamak shop or “Terima kasih, kak” from a grocer to you or even “Tai kor, hou pen ah” (brother, it is very cheap) at a pasar malam. Heck, you can call everyone uncle or auntie even though they are strangers to you!

4. The Language

Multiracial Malaysia comes with a whole myriad of languages to connect with others! It’s so easy for Malaysians to substitute words in another language and can still be understood by others. Example? “Dei Macha. Want to go yumcha at the mamak baru? Don’t say I bojio.” …Only Malaysians can understand that rojak (mixed up) sentence perfectly. Those who migrate to solely English-speaking areas such as the US, UK or Australia will definitely miss the sarcastic, tongue-twisting, superbly jumbled-up languages in Malaysia that can be pun-ny (pun intended). But hey that’s what makes our culture so unique!

5. All The Holidays!

The working class might feel this immediately. Oh the holidays! Malaysia is saturated with many public holidays because of our multiracial background hence allowing us to enjoy Hari Raya, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Thaipusam, Hari Gawai and many others, effectively making the working year a slightly bit shorter. What’s best is that major tourist attractions such as malls will immediately be decked with different decorations for different occasions to remind you of the festivities! We Malaysians really love our festivals!


malaysia weather

6. The Weather (seriously)

Sometimes we wish that it would snow in Malaysia… but winter isn’t all that glamorous in a foreign country! Winter means days are much shorter and it’s a ghost town by 5pm, and waking up to a cold freezing toilet seat is something nobody loves. Though it may be hot and humid, wet and sticky, many people who migrate out will definitely miss the pretty much predictable summer/rainy all-year round weather in Malaysia!


If you think about it, you would at least miss 4 out of 6 of these things if you have stayed a good portion of your life here. We know we would definitely miss all 6!



Posted by Rebecca Koay