Malaysian. No matter how some may not want to admit it, but being Malaysian does go real deep into our psyche and defines us as people of this land. We asked around the WOBB office to see what they have to say about what being Malaysian means to them – and we came out with a few key things that definitely define what it means to be a Malaysian to us:

The Culture

That ‘boleh boleh’ or ‘rilek lah bro’ attitude, to that incessant need to find and eat almost 24 hours in a day (since food is available 24 hours in a day as well); that actually does sum up what our culture is about. We strive to do things better but we definitely know how to relax when we need to (lepak lah!). And yes, most Malaysian’s are born foodies. We are a ‘eat first, think later’ kinda people.

The Food

Food in Malaysia has a very special place. To bond with friends and family means that you would be constantly eating, and eating A LOT. Food is almost always the main staple activity for Malaysians when it comes to get-togethers.

Like in the previous point mentioned, food is available 24 hours, 7 days a week so we have no shortage of yummies when the tummy goes rumbling. And choice is an understatement when it comes to food selection.

The Diversity

Malaysia is a melting pot of people from all different walks of life. Most of us would have friends of different backgrounds where we would hear their stories of how they do things in their culture, and how we would share with them our own culture’s weird quirks and stories. Some of us may even come from a family with a diverse background (and that’s something to be really proud of).

The diversity helps us learn tolerance, acceptance, and fellowship. The diversity is what makes us strong as people.

The Language

Tell me who else in the world would understand this sentence:

“Eh, macha! You wanna go yum char where lah? I ingat we all satu kali gus go from here to makan or tapau at the mamak nearby then only tengok wayang”

It’s a sorely neglected slice of Malaysian life that we don’t realise how unique it is.  We have ‘rojaked’ our language so colourfully in a way that only if you are Malaysian, then only you would be able to understand the lingua franca.

We could go on and on with all the specific aspects of Malaysian life that we love dearly but that would mean the article won’t end. With so many cultures mixed, tossed and turned over the many decades; being a Malaysian can mean many things! To be culturally diverse, to be hungry all the time, and to be proud of our diversity!

So, take a short break, maybe a minute or 2, and ask yourself “What does being a Malaysian mean to you?” You may be surprised of your own response.


Have a good August ahead and Happy Merdeka!

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Posted by Joshua Boey

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