It could be your father, your mother, a sibling, a friend, your husband, your wife, your kid…anyone that’s living under the same roof as you. Living with someone of a particular profession does give certain qualities and unusual quirks that can be endearing, or sometimes just plain weird, or even frustrating.

In this series we highlight the different professions and some situations that can happen (or has already happened) which you, the innocent bystander, has to go through and endure.


These are things that can happen when you live with…an EVENT MANAGER


1. Trips are never free and easy. Or private for that matter. It’s always planned point for point, where to eat, what to see, when to go, what to do. Photos will always be arranged in chronological order and as soon as you get back from the trip, everyone would know all about it because all your contacts on social media would already have the updates.

Super like your holiday! Jealous-nya!

2. It seems that the whole house would be properly planned out with itineraries for each day of the week, for each week of the month, and the entire year. House chores are also regimented with a time table or schedule usually put in Microsoft Excel, segregated by colour coded columns, printed out and stuck on the ‘TO DO’ corkboard in the living hall for all to see.

dog helpful to do list chores errands


3. You have some apprehension towards festival seasons…they can get pretty overwhelming as:

a). Your Event Manager may not be around at all because of work, only to come home really late and disappear again the next morning. All your festive plans may have to exclude that person or could be totally derailed due to their absence.

b). You might have to end up ‘giving a helping hand’ to your Event Manager. This could include transportation help, personal courier service, door to door meal delivery, art and craft assistant, and some cheerleading.


4. Don’t worry about being not being free; you will ALWAYS have a task to do.

Catastrophe i cant exhausted grocery store grocery shopping


5. Sometimes you’ll find yourself at events that you have absolutely no idea why you are there for, other than to support your event manager spouse/parent/sibling/friend. You smile intently whilst holding a bright green coloured cocktail, shuffling from left to right ever-so-slightly as your event manager over-excitedly chats up and introduces people to you (whom you have no idea who they are). You try your best to laugh, and follow jargon and stories that you have no understanding of while you sip on that neon cocktail more often than you should.



6. If anything goes wrong, there is always PLAN B. And if that doesn’t work either, there is PLAN C and PLAN D to make sure things happen!


7. There’ll be never a dull day. There is always the ‘gimmick’ provided to give that ‘wow’ factor. Whether it be a day out to the mall, or a picnic in the park; you can be rest assured that your event manager will prepare something that would make the ‘event’ an eventful one.

reaction wow omg beard omfg

“It’s so wow!”



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