Everyone gets bored easily if we sit down pointlessly with nothing to do. Repetition can also create boredom. What do you think about the people in offices? They’ve been sitting down for God knows how long, with a ton of work (probably procrastinated to do it), and seated in a limited space facing a laptop screen.

Yeah, just about how bored can they get? Surprisingly, the amount of work boredom can really bring out creativity in people.

Oh have you heard of this Chinese office lady that cooks awesome lunches at her own desk during working hours?  Yes, cooking, you got me right. Cooking in the office, like right in the office, right at her desk, not the pantry. All sorts of weird and wonderful!

jobs malaysia wobb ms yeah

Nothing stops this foodie at heart lady, Ms Yeah. Her equipment could be easily spotted around the office, she makes a hot pot out of a water dispensing machine, grilling bacon using clothes iron, with her bizarre tutorials,  ‘Office Xiao Ye’ has become an internet star as her videos caught some 16 million views online.

This lady is literally just “The Queen Of Lunch Hour” in the office. You’re just sitting there, eating your lame instant cup noodles or that sad looking bowl of salad bought at the grocery store; this lady here is kneading her own noodles and making a ‘bunsen burner’ out of a soda can. She can a fry pancake using her computer case and bake cakes with her desk drawer. Come on guys, you gotta agree this is some whole new level of “Iron Chef”.

Although her video seems unreal and impossible, but all it takes is just a little dedication, planning and cooperation to make her YouTube channel happen.

Here are few of her most viewed videos from her YouTube channel, watch and follow the steps, you’ll be making lunch like a pro in no time!




It is well known that the videos were staged and that certain methods may not be as ‘healthy’ for the body, but you would have to admire her creativity and uniqueness for creating such an entertaining channel to watch.

What we can learn from here is that in order to make a channel, whether it be on YouTube, or a news site, or even a blog; taking the untraveled road and something totally unexpected is bound to garner you attention, views and likes. Something all you budding YouTubers should take note of!



Posted by Sirinya