Any mention of ‘career fair’ will conjure up images of a gigantic multipurpose hall, filled to the brim with booths manned by several highly enthusiastic individuals wearing coats, all eagerly passing out name cards and speaking in quick successions to another group of highly enthusiastic individuals in backpacks and folios filled with papers and certifications. Yes that’s what you would think of when you think ‘career fair’.

It can be a daunting and sometimes, unfruitful adventure for both recruiters and candidates alike just because of the environment that’s created in those traditional career fairs.

If you were hunting for a job there, you might walk around, look around, stop by a few, and then the thought of McDonald’s soft serve ice cream comes to mind and you leave.

If you were there looking for candidates, you may talk to a few who stop by, maybe 2 out of the 15 you talked to could be considered for the job, but that’s just about your whole day there and now it’s time to pack up.


This is why WOBB came up with a unique styled career fair like no other! Our Awesome Career Fair (first launched in July 2016) helped change the way you would think of what a ‘career fair’ is supposed to be like.

Firstly, they aren’t held at a multipurpose hall but rather at entertainment hangout spots! Secondly, they are closed door events with only shortlisted candidates and a select few recruiters, so it was a more controlled environment and not a whole day long marketplace.

And yes, WOBB is bringing back its unique event again on 6th May 2017! Held near KL’s premier nightlife spot, Changkat, The Awesome Career Fair will be facilitating this one of a kind event where 30 companies will come together to meet and mingle with 300 talented jobseekers (and we hope that you will be one of them!).


Participating companies will be looking for talented individuals from a wide range of job specialisation including sales and marketing, communications, accounting and finance, operations, admin and even programming and developing fields. Basically, there’s no field-discrimination here!

In addition to the multitude of opportunities presented by the 30 companies, you’ll also be able to network with other candidates and hone in on your skills to sell yourself as a person.

Oh yea, and did we mention that drinks are provided if you get thirsty?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to land your dream job! Come on meet HR representatives at The Awesome Career Fair this November! Take note! Seats are running out fast already!


So how is it our Awesome Career Fair, Awesome? Have a look at our last Career Fair!





Posted by Joshua Boey

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