WOBB is an award-winning Malaysian mobile job platform for Gen Y talent. We are the recipient of both Cradle Fund’s Product Development and Commercialisation Grants (totaling RM650,000), DIGI WOWWW Awards 2015 as Top 5 for Mobile E-commerce, Alliance Bank Bizsmart SME Challenge Top 20, and was also part of MaGIC’s first ever entrepreneurship program to Stanford University in 2014.

To understand that kind of platform we are, let’s first have a look at the employers that have paid us to recruit for them.

Some of our paying customers

WOBB Crowdfund Employers List

We emphasise that these are all paying customers, and this is because many startups give free access to big brands and claim them as customers, but all these companies actually pay us to recruit for them. Many platforms want their business, and they don’t struggle to recruit on their own due to their brands, yet they find value in using WOBB. It’s something we are very proud of, as it is an indication that we have penetrated the main market, and no longer just selling our services to other startups or early adopters.

Sure, but what problem is WOBB solving?

Job searching tools in the last 20 years have barely evolved.

Jobseekers sift through pages and pages of text-based job descriptions that look almost identical, on platforms that were built for desktop computers, not being able to tell the difference between employers, and wondering why looking for a job has to be so painful and transactional.

Employers on the other hand, struggle with poor quality applications, can’t differentiate themselves from other employers, and find it time consuming to screen potential candidates.

These desktop-based job portals were revolutionary 20 years ago, when the internet was young, and they first came out to disrupt newspaper classifieds. They made it so much easier to search for jobs rather than scanning through the newspaper. The problem here is that this has barely changed in the last 20 years.

Today we live in a mobile world with high speed internet…if you’re growing up in this environment, how would you feel when you look at these desktop, text based, newspaper-style job portals?

Today, we can stream videos from our mobile phones, share photos with friends, order a taxi or even look for love, all through a powerful mobile device that fits in our pocket. So if you’re growing up in this environment, how would you feel when you look at these desktop, text based, newspaper-style job portals? Would you feel this was built for you? Would you feel confident that you can find the right employer using these portals?

We don’t think so, and we believe we have built a mobile product that is much better and more suited to how the world expects theirs tools to work today.

The WOBB Job Search Experience

Some of our core features, and what makes us so much better as a mobile product, include:

  1. LinkedIn integration – sign in and apply with your LinkedIn profile (no CV upload required!)
  2. Intuitive mobile interface – every action is one swipe and one tap away
  3. Social sharing – share jobs with your friends via social media, or privately via email, WhatsApp and other related apps
  4. Employer branding – Learn more about a company’s culture through a rich media experience, seeing photos of their office and watching videos of their people, all built into the app. Employers have an easy way to differentiate themselves from others.
  5. Employer chat feature – Have quick interactions with employers via our chat feature, creating a two-way experience for our jobseekers, and allows employers to quickly screen candidates before even having to call or interview them

Features that are coming up:

  1. Virtual Interviewer – Some positions gets hundreds of applications, so employers can launch our virtual interviewer feature that will automatically engage interested applicants using questions, and analyse the chat data and responsiveness of candidate to suggest candidates that the employer should be interviewing.
  2. Interview Invitation – Employers can send invites to interviews via our chat feature, and once accepted, all interview information including location and time, will automatically be recorded in the candidate’s calendar. Super easy.

We’re also beyond just technology

We appreciate that not everything is solved with technology, and keeping our core mission of creating a two-way experience for employers and jobseekers to find each other, we have some of the most exciting events any jobs platform has ever launched. This includes networking style career fairs in bars, office tours in companies such as Google, PayPal, and Maxis, and employer events we’ve had with LinkedIn and Microsoft.

The Awesome Career Fair

LinkedIn and WOBB Talk Talent Event

Why does LinkedIn run events with us?

WOBB is a partner of LinkedIn, starting in Malaysia, and recently extended to Philippines and Indonesia. LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking platform in the world, and one of their core products is Talent Solutions. We find many synergies with LinkedIn, some include:

Product synergy – WOBB focuses on junior talent, whereas LinkedIn is well known to give access to mid to senior talent, and well as niche positions. Together, we believe employers can use us to hire anyone they want.

Brand synergy – We emphasise on quality of hires, not quantity. This is also reflected in how Employer Branding is a key feature on our platforms.

Talent synergy – Our sales teams are dynamic and well trained to go beyond just talking about job advertising, as what most other job portals focus on. Instead, as we have extensive product lines, we take a consultative approach to help clients solve their problems, and have quality sales talent on the ground.

As we continue to expand regionally, we are looking forward to work with LinkedIn to penetrate new markets together, and it’s an exciting time for us that a big Silicon Valley company sees values in working with us.

Sounds great, but how does WOBB make money?

WOBB charges employers for job advertising, employer branding work and also purchases of LinkedIn products through us. We only started charging for job advertisements in January 2016. So far, we already generated over RM700,000 in revenue in our 12 months charging (audited accounts available).

And 6 months into 2017, our year-to-date revenue has already crossed the RM1mil mark. We are growing super fast.

Yet, we’re barely scratching the surface on this. We estimate that the size of the industry for online job advertisements for junior talent is at RM6billion in our target markets in Asia. This has not even taken into account of the fact that by 2020. Based on predictions, Gen Y will be half of the company’s workforce. More advertising is moving away from offline to online.

wobb crowdfunding

Who are the people behind the company?

Our founder, Derek Toh, was previously Associate Director at Robert Walters, and therefore has extensive understanding of the challenges companies face when recruiting.

And for the rest of the team, check out this video!


But how do I make money as an investor?

As part of pitchIN’s crowdfunding campaign, you can invest in us at a RM13million pre-money valuation, with a minimum RM2,950. As we grow our business, the potential upside is big.

Should we IPO in the future for a much higher valuation, you can trade your shares in an open market. Also, perhaps something that has not been obvious, job platforms are hot acquisition targets. Some recent acquisition globally and locally include:

LinkedIn (by Microsoft): USD$26 billion (exch rate 4x: RM104 billion)

Indeed (by Recruit Co): USD$1 billion (exch rate 4x: RM4 billion)

Jobstreet (by SEEK): USD$524 million (exch rate 4x: RM2 billion)

JobsDB (by SEEK): USD$200 million (exch rate 4x: RM0.8 billion)

Tell me how I can invest

We believe we have created the best two-way experience for the right employers and jobseekers to find each other. And as our product evolves, we will continue to serve this mission by building a platform that emphasises on transparency of culture and open communication, enabled by big data and mobile technology.

We are working to grow aggressively in Malaysia. We are also looking to grow our platform regionally to help impact more lives and careers in Asia and giving employers a better way to recruit.

To download our full offer document with further details such as forecasted revenue and fund utilisation plans, or to pledge your investment, visit our page on pitchIN here.

Alternatively, if you have questions, please contact Alyssa at [email protected].

We look forward to have you be a part of our story.



Posted by Derek Toh

Derek is the founder and CEO of WOBB.CO. He was part of the pioneer batch for the Stanford-MaGIC Entrepreneurship Program, and is also a mentor for McKinsey & Company's Youth Leadership Academy. Derek is on a mission to revolutionise work culture in Asia. He cares about initiatives that improve education and the talent market. Derek is also a big fan of superhero movies, and has been told that he drinks too much coffee during the day.