After going through the screening process or even phone interviews, you finally shortlist a few candidates for a Skype interview. In this social recruiting age, employers have decided that they would save a lot of time and effort by conducting interviews via video calls especially if you are conducting an interview with someone from half way across the globe.

First things first, why are video interviews used?

If your company rarely uses this technique, it’s probably time to spruce things up a bit and keep up with the trend. This is because companies see many benefits in using video technology of seeing the candidate in person without the hassle of actually meeting them (especially for someone out of the region).

It’s quick, easy and  can be creative to a certain level. Depending on the technology used, companies can have a certain set of standardization with the interview process and candidate selection.

While these things mainly cater the interviewees to be prepared for an interview, the employer should always have some set of preparations as well.  Preparations for a video interview is just as serious as an actual interview.

Types of video interviewing:

1. Live video/Skype Interviews

Video Call Interview Jobs Malaysia

Skype, Google Hangout and Zoom are some of the few simple approaches to online video-conferencing. These are pretty straightforward usages since employers just need to send their ID.

However, companies can choose to have a live video experience that can act as an internal candidate tracking or screening tool. This would mean that while the candidate is being interviewed, the employer can get give live feedback on the candidate’s performance. For instance, there are bells and whistles that allows them to share, track and rate responses.


2. Pre-recorded/Asynchronous Video Questions

Video Call Interview Jobs Malaysia

Companies that usually practice this method as a means for preliminary screening. Candidates are given a link to a page where they can record themselves answering a set of pre-recorded questions within a set amount of time. Candidates usually get a maximum of two attempts before submitting their answers.

As easy and effective as it may seem, there are a number of things that employers should remember when going through video call interviews. So here is a quick run through on the preparation for a video call interview:

Video Call Interview Jobs Malaysia

Something to remember: Video call interviews act just as same as face to face interviews. You have the same standard set of questions you ask the candidate and however the interview takes off depends sole on you, the recruiter. The only difference is that you are seeing each other through virtual means. Therefore, in order to keep everything up and running smoothly, here is a checklist that you will find helpful.

  1. Clear your desk/interview-space of extraneous things and only have your notepad with you to jot down notes
  2. Check your lights. Good lighting helps your candidate to perceive you better, hence better communication.
  3. Check your webcam, make sure it works and that the software is optimized.
  4. Check that your mic is working.
  5. Make sure that your webcam is at the right position. Not too high, not too low. Just right at the eye level.
  6. Close out any other programs/tabs that can interfere the webcam.
  7. Position a water bottle nearby.


BONUS! Just because you are the recruiter behind the screen, it doesn’t mean that you can slack off with the clothes you are wearing. BE PRESENTABLE just as how you would expect your candidate to be. You are representing your profession and more importantly, your company. It’s best to treat it like an important conference call.




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