Everyone knows that the most important things when sending an email is the content, the greeting and also the way you end it. Signing off on your email can be something very simply overlooked, but it does play a big role on how the email is perceived by the recipient.

Have you ever just gotten stuck at the end of an email, wondering whether “Cheers” is too casual a sign off for such professional content; or if “Sincerely” is actually okay to end a formal email?  Ever had the feeling of hesitation whether to pick “Thanks” or “Thank you”?

What if you just don’t sign off?

Well, not signing off just feels incomplete, and you don’t want to be seen as unprofessional. If can also be perceived as downright rude in some cases. Not sure if you knew this, but email sign offs actually show your personality just as much, if not more than the email’s content itself.

Here are a few email sign off examples that you can use (keep in mind the types of situations in which you use them in though!)


1. Thanks

It’s a fine and simple way to respond to a person whenever a favor is done. Some might not agree because ‘Thanks’ might not sound sincere, and not many could be bothered of its use. This is because it is something so common that it is often overlooked.

Thanks is best used when you want to express gratitude. Avoid overusing it, as it can be obnoxious, as well as giving off a ‘young and inexperienced’ vibe. Thanks ah!

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2. Regards

This sign off gives you enough of a feeling to let you know that you’re talking to someone formal and professional, so be sure to use proper suitable words before sending out that email. Regards won’t be that suitable if the contents of your email are written in a casual and conversational manner.


Hey man! This be the files you asked for. Sorry ah if I took so long to reply your mail. I had to take my cat out of the dryer. So dirty and so much trouble oh!


See? It doesn’t work if it ain’t professional.


3. Sincerely

This is what you learned to use when you practised letter-writing in sekolah rendah. Formal enough, yet seems rather cold and distant somehow. However, ‘sincerely’ is better off left in letters rather than emails. It depends on how you start your email, if you start off with ‘Dear’, then to signing off the email with ‘sincerely’ is fine. The only email situation where this seems to be not out of place is in formal cover letters.

Generally though, this is a rather outdated sign off but can still be applied. Use with much caution.

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4. Best wishes

This is a great example to end an email. It is also much, much better than ‘all the best’. It is a great mix between formal and friendly. Do make sure that it fits the tone of your email before using it to sign off, as it can come off as a line from a ‘kad raya’ or some free greeting card you stole at Starbucks.



5. Hope to hear from you soon

This example is something absolutely fine to say especially when you’re going to meet and work with this person in the future, even if it is just virtually. If you are really going to be in touch with them in the near future, or really are waiting for their reply on a certain matter, then it’s perfectly fine to use. If not then it’s just going to be taken by the person receiving it as totally insincere.

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6. Cheers

Not many people use this as it can appear way too casual, but it’s not wrong if you chose to. It gives off the friendly feels on the receiving end, and probably might make people feel more comfortable with the sender.

Maybe TOO comfortable sometimes.

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Email Sign Offs to Avoid

1. xoxo

Hugs in the working industry are fine, but this ‘hugs and kisses’ thing is more appropriate for your closest friends and family. You don’t wanna be simply giving it out to people you barely even know as you don’t want to give them the wrong idea, potentially weirding them out and scaring them away. Keep this for your childhood pen pal please.

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2. Yours Faithfully

This would be really suitable if it were a wedding proposal. Otherwise, keep away from this. FAR FAR AWAY.

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If you thought this was acceptable as an email sign off, think again. This belongs in the mid-2000’s chat rooms, together with your first flip phone and frosted spiky hair. Slang and acronyms are unprofessional, confusing, and downright childish.

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4. Yours Truly

Are you truly offering yourself to the recipient? Do you really, truly belong to them? Nope… nope… Better avoid this one.

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5. Thx / Rgds

You can’t expect to be taken seriously if you won’t even bother to spell out a word fully. Using short forms make you seem lazy, unprofessional, and probably a first-timer with a keyboard that dropped out of school.

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6. Sent from my iPhone/Android

This is actually one of the most common email sign off of all. It is also one of the most annoying to receive. It does explain any typos you may have in the email content, but it also shows how little you care for creating a proper email sign off to replace the default. No one cares if you sent this from which mobile operating system.

Do yourself a favor and change the default email signature on your device to something more appropriate (maybe something like the examples we gave above).


Signing off an email shouldn’t be hard, and it isn’t. You can adopt some of these email sign offs in your email signatures, just make sure that it suits your email content. So, type away, and, see you later alligators! (Ok don’t actually sign off on an email with that though…)




Posted by Sirinya