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1. Buzzworks

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From advertising, branding, graphic design, web design, photography all the way to video production, Buzzworks has a knack for producing impressive work for brands that wish to stand out, express themselves and generate deep connections with their customers. Their gallery of clients include big brands such as Naza, Amway, Tutti Frutti, and Peugeot.

This close-knit team comes from diverse backgrounds – dancers, musicians, fashionistas, footballers, boy scouts and Star Wars maniacs who happen to share a common passion for advertising and creative work. In their own words, “We love what we do and wouldn’t trade our day jobs for anything else in the world.”

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2. Feruni Ceramiche


When one thinks of luxurious tiles, one thinks of Feruni Ceramiche. This homegrown company has made a global name of itself because they pride themselves on being the trendsetter in the tiling industry. The secret to their success?

They believe in the four pillars of happiness (open heart, open mind, open eyes, open arms) and in doing things as a family even in a working environment. People have always been their most valued asset and as they expand, they are looking to cultivate talent and hidden potential.

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3. Bumbung


If you love real estate, this is one job you would want to consider. Driven by their own experiences as tenants, owners or property agents, Bumbung (previously known as ASAP KL) innovated their own platform to simplify property search.

The company practices flexi hours and allows one to have half a day every week sharpening up whichever skills one personally sees fit. If you can picture yourself leading a team overseas sometime in the future, Bumbung is the right place to start.

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4. PayPal Malaysia


Well-known for revolutionising digital payments, PayPal is one name people can trust – especially if you use Ebay on a daily basis. Prioritising the needs of their customers, PayPal allows people to send money, make transactions and connect financings with confidence.

Their expansion into Malaysia is opening opportunities for positions in compliance, customer services and even internships – if you’re into cyber sleuthing, there’s also a position for a Fraud Operations Executive!

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Imagine a single website where customers can trade currencies, indices, stocks and commodities any time of the day and from anywhere. makes that possible by being the premier platform for trading binary options in the world’s financial markets.

As the first choice for over a million clients worldwide, this company has made a name for themselves by valuing and developing their employees’ ideas. They are currently looking to build their team in Malaysia and you could be the hidden talent they are looking for!

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6. Kingdom Digital


This Malaysian-made digital agency has been delivering communication services and technical solutions since 2007. Maybe you haven’t heard of them, but have you heard of Nestle Bliss? Or Choclairs? Maybe even Watsons (I do, there’s where I go whenever I’m out of toiletries!)?

This company has not only an amazing portfolio but also an equally awesome company culture! Their commitment to help brands build sustainable relationships with their audience enables them to deliver and expand. For an enriching career in digital advertising, do look them up!

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Posted by Rebecca Koay