Photos of you partying too hard? Got tagged by your friends on something cray cray? Well… we’ve all heard about how social media can negatively impact your career. But you know what? It isn’t just a no chill zone anymore. Uh huh. These are 6 ways Social media CAN be advantageous for your career!

1. Job seeking

We shouldn’t need to tell you about LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as a job-search tool! Social networks make it so easy to know which company has the right vacancies for your skill sets. Checking out a company’s Facebook page can give you an insight into what the company may be up to, as well as how their company’s culture is like (if they update their Facebook often enough). Fun facts: 92% of companies use social media for recruiting and over 73% of employees are hired successfully with some form of social media involved. All of which are highly contributed by referrals from a friend of a friend!

2. Social presence

If you’re just at an entry level and looking to kick start your career, you should know that landing your first-ever job is by having a social presence. Tons of contacts in reality do help a lot, but a presence online is a definite must. Your would-be future employers will look you up, check on your background, and upon knowing that you have absolutely no social presence to speak of, red flags would be raised that you could be a raging sociopath or hermit. Nah-uh no go.

3. Know hiring managers

Do not underestimate the power of information! As such, LinkedIn and Twitter can be a gold mine for you before you submit that resume or go for that interview. Research on hiring managers and you’ll find that you can live up to their expectations easier by tailoring either your CV or your interview to their needs.

Stalk them and see how they converse online. See what kind of language or personalities they possess. All of these can be good insights on how you could adjust yourself accordingly. The more you mirror someone, the more likely they would respond favourably to you!

4. Networking

Further progress in your career can benefit much from establishing good working relationships. Don’t be afraid to network on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Friends who personally know you may put up a good word for you to help you clinch that deal or seal that vacancy! For those already in good working jobs, having a solid network of people can mean having a great deal of opportunities to expand and grow.

Ever heard of ‘6 degrees of separation’? It’s the phenomenon that who you know would know someone you know that knows someone who knows you which might know someone who knows that someone that may know someone that knows you (haha confusing ay?). So don’t be shy, make some friends online by looking through your contact’s mutual contacts. You may never know where it might lead you!

5. Knowledge sharing

Through social media, business strategies and strategic alliances can be formed. Creating groups and meeting others over online conversations is definitely one way for support and information sharing. Not to mention, even those who are abroad can easily be reached on Skype or Google Hangouts, just to name a few.

Join up forums on specific topics, join Facebook groups, talk and share information that you think would be useful to the group, and in turn you would slowly garner a wealth of knowledge taught by participating individuals in these channels. These people could be business owners, entrepreneurs, masters of their craft, marketing gurus, etc…the list goes on and on!

6. Put Google in your good books

Have you ever Google-d yourself? If you don’t like what you see, here’s a little trick. Create a LinkedIn profile and fill it up completely. Be active on the network for some time. You will see LinkedIn working its magic the next time you Google yourself and your LinkedIn profile shows up as the first hit! This is how you get Google to showcase what you want to show your employers. Your Facebook profile and Instagram account are equally as important too as they are the ‘go-to’ places for anyone trying to find out more about you. Make sure it reflects the good side of you!

Oh yes, and do yourself a favour and start deleting all those incriminating photos or posts that you have amassed over the years of using social media networks as a personal diary or stress barf bag. You would be surprised how easy it is to actually find out information about yourself just with a few clicks here and there. You really wouldn’t want your employers or colleagues to find out that you once lit your farts on fire at rave parties just for the lulz right




Posted by Rebecca Koay