What Is The WOBB App?

First of all, before we go any further, WOBB stands for “Working On Bean Bags”.

The WOBB App is a revolutionary first of its kind job app for the new generation to search and apply for their dream careers. We understand that for quality candidates (like you), earning good money isn’t enough, and that work culture is equally important. We also understand that convenience will help you save your time and effort when applying for jobs, which is why we came up with the WOBB App.

How To Use The WOBB App?

After downloading the app, you will need to sign in and of course, upload your CV for it to work. You will be able to select the preferred jobs and your preferred jobs will appear on your app. You can click into the profiles to look for more information regarding the companies. If you are not interested in the job, swipe LEFT to reject. If you are interesed in the job, swipe RIGHT to apply. Your uploaded CV will be automatically sent to the employer once your CV has been approved.

If you have been swiping RIGHT before uploading your CV, our app is able to remember the jobs that you have applied for so that when you finally upload your CV, it will be automatically sent to those jobs.

How Do I Download The WOBB App?

You can search for WOBB on the Apple AppStore or the Google PlayStore and download directly. Downloads are free and you can use our app for free with no fees and no hidden charges. We commit ourselves to help you search for amazing employers.



Posted by Shakira Kavanagh

Passionate about making a positive impact in the world, one way or another. A total coffee junkie with an undying love for animals, her ultimate dream is to completely eradicate the global stray animal problem once and for all. For now, she makes a positive impact by helping people find the job of their dreams.