So you want to create a video cover letter? You’ve come to the right page! The above is a short example of what your video cover letter should look like.

Also, just a few tips to note:

• Create your video in a quiet place. Try to eliminate as much background noise as possible.

• Film somewhere with good lighting – people should be able to see your face!

• Take note of your video’s background – it should be clean and neat, not cluttered and messy.

• Enunciate and speak clearly so that your audience can hear your message loud and clear.

• Wear something presentable and sit straight – how you present yourself is key here.

For people who are using this video cover letter example for The Awesome Media Camp or The Awesome Tour (currently closed):

• All Video Cover Letters should have a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds.

• Let us know a little about your background – your education, work experiences, achievements, and passions.

• Show us your true self! That’s the whole purpose of us asking for this 🙂

• Try and keep your content general, so that you can then use this video again in the future when you are applying for internships/jobs.

All the best!



Posted by Hui Qian

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