Are you a fresh graduate or looking for places to complete your internship? Or even looking for a permanent job in Malaysia? As we all know, recruiters probably have to go through not one but hundreds of CVs to hire the most suitable and potential candidate. A note of advice, having an outstanding, creative CV is the first step to get noticed.

Here are a few tips and tricks guiding you to level up your CV!

  1. Colours

Colours jobs malaysia

Well, pretty things are meant to be seen. Colours play a huge part in this. Keeping it black and white is just too mainstream. By adding colours it helps to highlight the things that you want to emphasize more on. Besides that, you will probably stand out even more as compared to the others. No need to be all artsy and stuff, remember that you’re looking for a job, it’s good to put in effort but not too much! Let’s keep the 80/20 rule. Overall, we would really suggest to add a little colour rather than sticking with just the old schoo black and white piece of paper.. Spice it up and be as creative as you can!


2. Font

Ariel giving birth

Other than picking the colours, you also want to choose a particular font to stick with throughout. You might think it’s not something to be bothered about, but it does show your style. Gentle reminder: Don’t forget to look out for your font sizes too! A simple and normal one will do, try avoid using cursive or italic fonts as it will be hard to read. Usually people will go by Arial or Time News Roman. There numerous of choices out there. While picking, make sure it’s readable and visible.


3. Spacing

Letter spacing jobs malaysia

A cluttered CV will definitely have a higher chance to be rejected, recruiters are already going through a huge amount of CVs. Trust us when we say, you don’t want to give them a headache. A CV that is squeezed with everything and one with the right spacing can really make a difference. Remember to keep enough blank space in between the words.


4. Prioritize Your Information

Prioritize jobs malaysia

There is no legit format for CVs. Always arrange the information according to their importance and how recent they are. Show the recruiters that you are active every now and then. Recent graduates can also add their recent educational achievements and experiences.


5. Don’t Share Too Much

Oversharing jobs malaysia

As much achievements and experiences you have, it’s better not to over share it. You don’t want to squeeze in everything in just one or two pages. Just list out what it was, when was it that you experienced it and what did you learn from it. If you share too much, you’re not going to have much to say during the interview. You don’t want to keep going “Oh, it’s in my CV”, repeatedly. It’s also better to keep it short and simple, as their time is already very limited. They only have so much time before moving on to other CVs.


6. Introduce Yourself

Introduce jobs malaysia

They are hiring, they want to know if you are up or suitable for the job. Let them know about your skills. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you are majored in and what you are capable of doing. Remember that you are telling them about yourself, not showing off. So, remember to stay humble always be humble.


7. Add In Infographics/Graphics To Spice Things Up

Image result for infographic

Information can also be displayed in a different and more visually appealing manner. Take for example infographics, you have seen it everywhere and it is always nice to digest heavy information with visual aides. Graphics can immensely help the look and feel of your CV because there is something else to look at rather than a wall of text.

8. Layouts, Formats

Resume pink layout jobs malaysia

Choosing the right template and layout, in a way CVs are actually considered as a first impression to the company. It shows your personal styles, as well as your attitude. Basically it means that your CV is how you introduce yourself beforehand in the form of a piece of paper. It is also considered as an indirect introduction before the HR practitioners scan through the CV themselves. You can create your CV according to your job as well. I’m pretty sure that creative or production field would like to see the creative side and the effort you’re putting in. Try checking out Canva for numerous types of layout.

To give you a better picture of what we are talking about, here are a few examples of creatively done CVs!

Creative CV Jobs Malaysia

Just by doing some minor tweaks to a layout which you can find from Canva or any other website, you can really do wonders to the look of your CV! These are the kind of CVs that will brighten up a dull day of a HR person going through hundreds of CVs.


There you have it. All set to send your CV to the employers whom are anticipating your awesome creative CV. Excited? You should be! Don’t worry too much. If you follow the steps mentioned, you will be just fine! Well, at least we hope so…

Best of luck!



Posted by Sirinya