Yearning for that extra earning? You’re definitely not alone, pal. But it’s a dog eat dog world out there, and everyone is clamouring for the sirloin steak.

In a corporate world where promotions are selective and budgets are cut – how do you deal when you don’t get that promotion? We explore the steps that you can take after receiving the blow.

Get crackin’ and ask what needs to be done

Let’s not pretend otherwise; getting rejected is equivalent to getting a kick in the gut. Nothing like a standard rejection letter to bring out the inner Kylo Ren in even the purest Jedi.

kylo approves
Kylo approves of your reaction

After hours of dedicating blood, sweat and tears (okay, we might be exaggerating here) and exceeding those KPIs, why didn’t you get that promotion?

Although it’s tempting to demand an explanation from your immediate supervisor, don’t do it. Instead, set up a meeting to discuss what you can work on to ensure that you get the promotion next time.

Go to the meeting armed with ideas on how to expand your portfolio and ask about the expectations that are required for you to earn the promotion. Most importantly, be firm and let it be known that you want that promotion!

By engaging in a more proactive manner, the supervisor will know that you mean business – and the way they fight for you afterwards allows you to infer how valuable you are to the department, or otherwise.

road to success

Some tips that can help you along the way:
  1. List down everything you do and compile them quarterly.
    This will come in handy in the future, especially during the appraisal period.

  2. Send regular updates to your supervisor.
    Some companies might use applications like Asana or JIRA to track team members’ progress, but if your supervisor loves asking for updates, it’s time to take it offline and set up weekly meetings.

  3. Smile more.
    Seriously. There might be underlying reasons why the promotion went to other guy and not you. Like it or not, it’s time to be friendlier with your supervisor as well as everyone else in your team.  According to Harvard Business Review, some factors that are necessary for you to be a contender in the promotion game are displaying ethics, integrity, and character. Perception matters, so why not start with a broader smile every day?

  4. Learn more.
    The numero uno point in every “How to Work 101” guides ever written, learning new skills that are relevant to your position is a surefire way to get sprinting down the path to success. Doing so will show your superiors that you are passionate and willing to take initiative to improve yourself so that you can be a better asset for your company. 

Do a little soul searching

Work is a necessary evil to survive, and we aren’t always superbly excited about it. However, if going to work drains you to your very core, then maybe it’s time to do a little soul-searching? 

Be honest with yourself, listen to heart and really assess whether you can keep grinding in your current position for another year or whether you should consider better external positions. Comrades, this is the KPI that only you can determine.

soul search

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Posted by Balkish Rosly