I’m sure most of you would have at least heard of the latest mobile game phenomenon that’s sweeping the globe; or you could already be walking around in a park somewhere right now playing Pokémon GO.

We couldn’t resist downloading and playing it as it is a childhood dream come true to finally be able to really go out there and hunt for Pokémon just like Ash Ketchum!  

Joe pokemon go real life pokemon go app

What we noticed is that the game somewhat parallels the process of recruiting and that going around hunting for Pokémon is pretty similar to going around hunting for job talent. Finding great talent is like finding rare Pokémon!

Here are 3 things that we can learn from Pokémon GO:



Level Up Your Trainer’s Level!

To attract high level rare Pokémon, your trainer level needs to be much higher. This allows you to have access to more tools (great balls, berries, lures, incense, etc.), and have a better chance at nabbing that great rare talent you were looking for to fill that position!

‘Lures’ make Pokémon flock to a specific area and ‘incense’ to attract them only to you. The rarer the Pokémon, the more you have to use higher level balls like Great balls or Master balls. Just like Pokémon GO, if you want to attract great talent to you company, you need to make your company attractive to them first!

Make sure your company has the right kind of culture that would be more likely to attract certain kinds of talent to the job positions advertised. Show how nice your office is, show what kind of benefits they would be getting if they work there, and also show what your company’s plan is for the person that steps into that job position. They would really love to know what is in store for them before they make the jump into that Pokeball (are there any Razz berries for them?).

Your company would stand a better chance at attracting those higher level talent that already know what they have in mind for a place to work.



Knowing The Right Locations And Element Types

In order to find specific kind of Pokémon, for instance ‘water type’ Pokémon, they are most likely to be found in watery areas like rivers, lakes or ponds (duh…). In order to find the right kind of talent, you need to know where they would most likely be looking for jobs.

If you are looking for senior management level talent, maybe the best place would be to look through networks like LinkedIn. If you are looking to hire young, energetic Gen Y talent, our platform WOBB excels at that! (OMG, shameless advertising)


You will also need to know what ‘elements’ they have the most affinity to. Elements like language, dress code, working hours, etc. If you know these elements make a difference to looking for a certain kind of person for a job position, you could alter and tailor the job description (JD) to best suit them.

If your JD uses the language that the talent speak (sometime they have weird lingo or terminologies that only their kind knows, like how Pikachu can only say “pika”), or maybe this JD has been tailored to enable this person to have flexible timing (because the job allows it to), you might just find more CVs flocking to your inbox.

Remember, right location, right elements, boom, rare great talent!



Power Up Your Pokémon

Sometimes you may already own a talent who has yet to be proven great. Maybe they look little rough, needing some polishing but seem to have potential. Hey you may never know unless you give them the chance!

Like the Pokémon in your collection that come with different CP (combat power) and abilities, you sometimes need not look for that ‘rare one’. You may already have a talent in your office that has all the different strengths and areas of improvement to become that rare one!

In Pokémon GO, CP needs to be powered up with Stardust and candies; maybe all your talent needs is to be given the opportunities (stardust), the tools (candy), and also proper guidance to be their very best, and possibly change to the next evolution (i.e. Graphic Designer to Graphico Designero!)


So yea, that’s 3 things that can be learned from the context of playing Pokémon GO. Now let’s put it to good use and get out there to find those great talent!

Gotta catch’em all! (Ok maybe not ALL, just the good ones)


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Posted by Joshua Boey

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