CVs exist to give recruiters a somewhat accurate impression about a particular person’s professional and personal being. Basically it exists to tell someone else what kind of human you ‘somewhat’ are.

There was a time where chucking in a bucket load of information was a good thing, in hopes that an employer can fully understand who you are. Now in the age of short attention-spans and multitudes of distractions, the requirement for CVs is to now have much, much shorter and more succinct information.

The recruiter will only need the important stuff as they don’t have the time to sift through the mountain of CVs that come in for a job position. Help them reduce their frustration, your CV will have a chance at standing out from the rest.

Remember, Too much stuff on the CV = your CV goes bye bye.

Here is a list of totally unnecessary information you could scrap from your CV to make it shorter and more concise:

1. Kindergarten / UPSR / PMR / SPM results

That was aeons ago and nobody would judge you on how many A’s, B’s, or E’s you got for your moral classes. Scrap these and put in just the names of the schools you have attended (the very most just high school…please not your kindergarten).

2. Height / Weight

Recruiters don’t need to know how thin, how fat, how you used to be thin or fat, how gravity affects you, how you find walking through doors a challenge, or how well children’s clothes still fit for you. They will find that out when they choose to interview you.

3. Illnesses

As bad as it may be but sometimes putting a note that you are suffering from some illness may botch your chances immediately from getting the interview. It’s the kind of information that best not be known till asked – and also better explained in person.

4. Objective Line

Yes, yes, it is in your best of interests to further your career and skills and knowledge and every other kind of ‘aspiring’ notions, we get it. But all recruiters just want to know is whether you can do the work or not. Motivation is best explained and talked about during the interview, not put out through lofty sentences on a CV. They all know that you just need a job that pays you money so that you can eat.

5. Full-Blown Paragraphs

Oh please, please not the dreaded ‘wall of text’. All recruiters need is snippets of information to somewhat accurately build a portfolio of you, we don’t need some super long thesis level grandmother stories. Bullet points are preferred as it makes reading the information a hell lot easier and faster. I know that it may be tempting to be descriptive and offer more information in hopes that your explanation could win the recruiters over – but its not. No text vomit. Bullets please.

6. Lies

Haha… you know where that will lead you. Just don’t do it.

7. Marital Status

Recruiters don’t need to know whether you are still in the market looking for a mate, or whether you failed your last legal relationship with titanic proportions.

8. How Many Kids You Have

So you have 5 mouths to feed and your wallet is bleeding out each month? Hmmm… not a very good assumption that a potential recruiter could make. Best not to be put on your CV and only talked about if asked by the recruiter during an interview.

9. How Many Siblings You Have

It’s great to have a big family! Yay! But recruiters don’t need to know that either.

10. Inappropriate Email Addresses

This has been written many times over in countless articles. Childish sounding, indecently phrased Email addresses can break your CV into little iddy-biddy pieces. [email protected] is totally not appropriate and will make you look like you like an idiot.

11. Crazy Fonts & Distracting Artwork

Even if you are a designer of some sort applying for a design job, no amount of crazy fonts will win you the job simply because you have made your potential recruiter blind. Any form of design or artwork should be kept to your attached portfolio where the recruiter can view without distraction. Same goes the part of your CV that details out your information. No distractions please.

12. Inappropriate Photos

If you would choose to have a photo included to give the recruiter a face to put to the description, please put nice, decent looking photos of yourself. Not just any photo downloaded of Facebook that your friend tagged you 4 years ago at a party at your exes house getting smashed. No ‘cropped’ photos either (cropping a photo of yourself from a group photo taken), it just looks downright unprofessional.

13. Irrelevant Work Experiences

Recruiters need not know about your work experience as a ‘human billboard’ or that you were really, really good at giving out flyers standing next to an elevator at a local shopping mall. If it does not have any relevance to the job you are applying for, scrap it please.

14. References Upon Request

You need not state the obvious. If recruiters need any references, they will ask you personally.

15. Expected salary

Seriously. This one is a big no no. Only come to this topic when the interviewer asks. Do not state it on your resume as it will just make you look dumb and naïve. Salary negotiations should only be discussed in person. Also, if you put a salary range on your CV, you have effectively painted yourself into a corner which you can’t negotiate for anything higher.

16. Reasons Why You Are Looking For A New Job/Quit Your Last Job

Your ex-boss may be some hellspawn that breathes fire and spit, but you don’t actually need to state that in your CV. Heck you shouldn’t even tell people why you left your last job because it will only tell recruiters that you would probably not even stay long if they hired you. Reasons why you are looking for a new job? Come on. There is only 2 reasons: for more money, or for more happiness. There is no other driving force behind that decision.


So there you have it. If you are building up a CV for yourself do run through all the points and think wisely what you would put into it; and if you already have a CV, maybe it is time to take a re-look at it and see where you can fix it’s shortcomings. Good luck! 



Posted by Joshua Boey

I write (type) stuff that may or may not make sense unless you speak otter. I also like my sugar with coffee and cream.