Ahh, the resume.

Whether you’re fresh out of graduation, or years into the working world, this little document could very well make or break your chance at landing that dream job.

Sure, you know a polished resume is an invaluable weapon during job hunting season.

But if you’re happily settled in your current job, you may think:

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But here’s the thing: the world works in such a way that you can never be sure of what might happen in the future.

Perhaps you’ve all of a sudden been laid off (pray no, but hey, it happens). Maybe a position you’ve been eyeing just opened up. Or, by chance, you somehow meet the hiring manager of this awesome company on the bus and she asks you to send over your resume (it happened to my friend, really).

You’d want to jump on these opportunities right away!

But wait a minute, your resume’s not ready to be seen. You’ve let it go stale and any time you spend fixing it up now would only be time lost.


Keeping your resume in tip-top shape is as important as having one but hey, no one wants to or has the time to be updating it every day. And no, you don’t have to update it constantly.

Here are 5 times you should stop and have a little catch-up session with your job-winning friend to ensure it is ready to go whenever opportunity strikes.

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Congrats! After the countless applications and nerve-wracking interviews, you’re starting a new job!

Now you’re probably off telling all your loved ones about it and doing your celebratory dance.

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But hang on, don’t forget to tell your resume too!

This is a big step in your career and your resume needs to know about it. What is the position? Who is your new employer? What will your duties and responsibilities be?


As in the point above, your resume should always include your current position. After all, no potential employer wants to know what you were doing five years ago!

They want to know what you’ve been up to recently. How did you get this new position? If you’ve been promoted, it would even be worthwhile to say how you earned that promotion!


Did you close a major deal? Win a notable award in your field?

Tell your resume the good news!

Unless you have an eidetic memory (most of us aren’t that fortunate), it would help to record the details of these achievements while they are still fresh in your mind. How did you get here? How many people did you work with? What was your role? How did you overcome some of the biggest obstacles?

Guess what? Your resume actually likes to hear you brag!



Did you just get accredited with a professional board? Earned a new certification? Mastered a second, third or fourth language? Your resume wants to hear all about it!

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You’ve worked hard towards these so why not put it down on (digital) paper as soon as you can?


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Really, if you’re considering watching Titanic for the twentieth time, it wouldn’t hurt to spend 15 to 30 minutes hanging out with your resume instead. Not only should your work achievements and skills be up-to-date, your future self would thank you for taking the time to remove any irrelevant details, fix up the layout or simply make things more concise. Looking at your resume with fresh eyes once in a while could help highlight things you hadn’t noticed before.

Remember, your resume’s not just for your potential employers. It’s for you!

It’s a great way to document every milestone in your career, every achievement you’ve worked hard for, and everything you’ve been spending the majority of your days doing.

Rather than looking at it as something you have to have, treat it as a journal… A celebration of your professional life!

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Posted by Crystal Chong