Job interviews are… well…kind of a weird experience; for both you the interviewee, and the employer, the interviewer. Derek Toh, founder of WOBB, recently found himself on BFM 89.9, to speak about all the do’s and don’ts of a job interview, how can you impress that time-restrained person in front of you, and ultimately increase your chances of Acing that Interview!


Listen up for those job interview tips right here! 


For all you candidates –  you’re there in a strange, maybe quite odd-looking space, trying sit comfortably in the most professional looking way, and trying hard to present the best version of yourself to a stranger by answering their somewhat vague questions in the clearest, most intelligible way possible.

For employers – all you have is a pretty short amount of time to fully gauge whether this person in front of you could be the right one to fit that position you have, or is just a quivering bag of mess that needs to be shown where the door is located.


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