Thinking about building your career? Thinking of taking a week off? Here’s what you can do to make that short break count. Often people tend to keep their work and leisure life separate, but maybe you could open up a little and see what spills over. You can make new friends who become important connections to boost your career, and you can have fun doing it!


Volunteering can take you a long way. It can help to improve your CV and build your connections. Organizations are always on the lookout for volunteers at any level you probably have some skills they need (even if you don’t have any). Therefore, it’s also a great way to get some experience. Find something you like to do and try to make a regular commitment to serve. Long-term commitment can even lead to paid positions in the organizations you’re working with.

Pursue Your Hobbies

Everyone has a hobby, be it playing video games, or football with friends, it’s an awesome way to spend your free time. Many even find it beneficial to do something totally different from what they do all day to disconnect. Pursuing your hobbies may expand your toolbox for this kind of problem solving.

The other way hobbies help to boost your career are by expanding your social network. By even participating in a football match, you may be able to meet some really interesting people. They might be working in your field, or they might not. Either way, they are good contacts you can save for a rainy day.


You wouldn’t want to miss a party to stay at home and watch some Netflix. You will find that by enjoying yourself this way, you get to meet great new people. And again, stressing on the fact that meeting new people will help you boost your career in ways you could’ve never imagined by watching soap operas by yourself. To get the most out of these events, look for ones that actively promote themselves as more open and inclusive, rather than elite. Go with a goal of meeting three new people and finding out how your skills and experience may be able to help them.



Posted by Derek Toh

Derek is the founder and CEO of WOBB.CO. He was part of the pioneer batch for the Stanford-MaGIC Entrepreneurship Program, and is also a mentor for McKinsey & Company's Youth Leadership Academy. Derek is on a mission to revolutionise work culture in Asia. He cares about initiatives that improve education and the talent market. Derek is also a big fan of superhero movies, and has been told that he drinks too much coffee during the day.