If you’re that person who gets up every morning and the first thing you think about are your problems, than this is the right TedTalk for you. Carrie Green is an Entrepreneur cum lawyer and her Tedtalk on Programming Your Mind for Success will get you to stop and take a look at your life and for the last time finally put that whole negativity behind you. In her talk Green tells her audience about her experience of turning from a positive character to something of the total opposite. While many of us experience the same dilemma, only very few come out of it.

So these are the three steps that helped her program her mind to overcome her constant negative predicament.


What Green teaches us here is how we can actually create success by simply controlling the mind because you are responsible for your negative thoughts in the first place. Being aware of what you are thinking is the root of getting rid of those negative thoughts. This conscious act can help you stop these harmful notions that you create in your mind.

Control your thoughts

And when you’re mindful of what you have in your head, you are able to control it. By replacing that negativity with positive thoughts, you give yourself the power to stop yourself form taking two steps back and move forth with your ideas. Don’t let yourself be your critic instead your motivator for success.


Green also advises to picture what you want to achieve in your head as it makes it clearer to you on what you want to make a reality. Being able to see the end product in your head is a motivating instrument itself for you to pick yourself up and make it happen.

Here’s the video for the full TED talk:



Posted by Derek Toh

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