Are your current best friends the TV and sofa? Sick and tired of waiting for calls that seem like it’s never going to come? Time to get a reality check, mate! 24/7 of TV series marathon ain’t gonna pay your bills. You need to get up and restart your job search NOW.

Your jobless days are over! Consider taking these 5 steps to restart the engine! *vroom*

1. Step Back And Reevaluate

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Now, let’s take a look back, where and what went wrong? Sounds like this is a time to sit down and think about your life choices. Imagine this, when you button a shirt, the first button is wrong, the following ones will go wrong as well. It’s the same theory. In order to be one step ahead, you need to find out the root of the problem.

What was it? Did you miss out something in your CV? Or was it your behaviour and things you said during interviews? Are you applying for the right position? Whatever it is, you can’t keep repeating the same mistake and expecting to land a job. That’s not how things work. Everyone deserves a chance but not for the same mistake.


2. Fix

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When you have detected the problem, obviously something needs to be done to fix it so that you wouldn’t go back to waiting for nothing. As mentioned previously, you won’t go anywhere if you choose to keep doing whatever it is you’re still doing. You can’t make the same mistake twice as it will no longer be a mistake, it’s a choice. So do you still want to stay jobless? I guess not.

Step up your game! Spice up your CV! Follow-up with the latest updates, highlight your skills, interest and experience. Basically just whatever you could think of! Do make sure that you’re applying for the right job. You don’t want to waste time applying for the wrong job then wait to get calls that will obviously not come because that position was not meant for your field in the first place. Let’s say you want to try working in a startup, how do you know it is for you? 

3. Interact And Reach Out

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As much as you don’t like to socialize and be around people, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone! Reach out, and ask for help. This is not the time for you to hide behind bushes or trees. If you want a job then you need to come out and grab it. You want to be successful, you gotta do something to achieve it.

Attend social events like career fairs, for example, The Awesome Career Fair Vol. 3. Go talk to people, get to know which companies are hiring and the positions available. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out some startups as well. Try inviting some friends who are also looking for jobs so you can help each other out. Do whatever you can and don’t limit yourself. Get out of the box and try something new!


4. Ask For Help

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Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you really need to. If you’re drowning, you’ll obviously scream for help, right? So yeah, it isn’t a very nice topic to talk about if you care about your so-called “reputation”. However, at this point, would you rather keep your reputation and stay jobless or ask for help?

You can always look for online resources or ask experienced people for pieces of advice. They can give you some guidance throughout your job searching process. Other than getting help from others, you need to help yourself too. Do this by pushing and remind yourself to never settle, keep on pushing boundaries.

If you have dropped an email or went for an interview but still haven’t heard from the employers, then call them and ask about the status of your application. Quit sitting around and wait. Get an answer from them. Some employers want to see whether you really want the job and have the drive to secure it. So if it’s a yes, congratulations to you! If it’s a no, it’s not the end of the world. Move on to the next application. This way you can save time instead of wasting it over and over again.


5. Upload CV Online

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If you haven’t already try this, you better start now! Let experienced personnel take a look at your CV before uploading them. It’s important to know what to include and exclude from your CV.

Edit and polish it, make sure to not leave anything that could land you a job out this time, and submit it. If you have a specific company or a job position in mind already, you can just send them an email that you could easily get from their career page or website.

Feel free to drop yours at WOBB, sign up now and leave us your CV!


It does feel like a long way to go. Don’t give up just yet! Great opportunities lie ahead of you.  Keep going with these steps and you may just land yourself a job. You won’t stay like this forever. As the saying goes “There’s always rainbow after a storm”. So get ready to push your jobless days aside!



Posted by Sirinya