So you’ve applied for a job, the job you’ve been dying to have. The one that will make your parents proud and your relatives quiet at family gatherings. One fine day, you received a call and… IT’S THEM! They’ve invited you for an interview. You then get excited and all—until it hits you. Oh that awesomely unwelcome pre-interview jitters. Uh-oh. Everything goes downhill from there as you start thinking about the interview. The whole zoo is in your stomach. You want to be able to give a good first impression so bad that you may risk ruining the whole interview instead.

So what do you do?

To stop the anxiety from getting the best of you, here are a few tips to help you stay calm:

1. Prepare Prepare Prepare!

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Obviously you wouldn’t know precisely what questions they would ask you, but if you were to go through some of the more commonly asked questions and prepare some responses beforehand, you would most likely be less nervous on the big day. Just like how athletes train and prepare themselves before a big game; the harder they train, the more confident they will be.

Do your homework on the company as well. Just like how you would stalk that cute guy you met at the bar, stalk the hell out of the company! Don’t just go through their website, go through their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, basically every single social media platform they are on. Get to know what kind of projects they’ve been working on. This will give you even more confidence due to the information you now have in your arsenal.

And also, by now you should have memorised your CV like it’s the back of your hand. However, don’t be overconfident, flip through it and have at least a last read before going to the interview so that you don’t stutter when they ask you questions about your previous education and employment. “Um uh oh” will definitely not be helpful.


2. Don’t Be Desperate

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Yes, you reallyyy really want this job to impress your relatives who has been constantly yapping about how proud they are of their son who has a high paying job yada yada yada… But always bear in mind that it is not the end of the world if you do not land the job. Being overly desperate would only place more pressure on yourself and may just cost you the interview.

Look at it this way, it’s like a first date. You have to always keep your cool and be steady. You won’t want to make your date feel like you’re thinking about marrying him on the first date, would you? Or like he’s the first person who has ever asked you out. BIG NONO.

Just be yourself and show them that you are up for the challenges that may come with the job. Make good use of the preparations (see point 1) you’ve made.


3. A Good Night Sleep

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Don’t leave your preparations to the last minute. It might cost you your ‘beauty sleep’ which is really important before an interview. If you need to plan your outfit or polish your shoes or have a last read of your CV, do it earlier then have a nice warm shower and take a good long rest.

Please don’t go fight with your partner (or anyone for that matter) before sleeping. It is imperative to ensure that you get sleep in a good mood. If you need to watch ‘Running Man’ to make you laugh, do just that (not too many episodes alright? Hours are precious). Then sleep with a smile on your face. Wake up next morning feeling great. Best decision ever.


4. Some Exercise

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Exercising will release an endorphin rush in the body. If you don’t know yet, endorphins (dopamine to be exact) also help to make us feel more positive which is a similar effect that the drug morphine gives. If you go to the gym often, you would be able to relate to this. Usually after hitting the gym, you would feel like you’re at the top of the world (not literally but you get it). That’s exactly what you’re aiming for, the ‘runner’s high’ or whatever ‘high’ it is.

Wake up earlier and head to the gym or go for a run around your neighbourhood, you can even do some yoga (flexibility can be trained okay!) just to get those blood vessels pumped. This will help clear your head and give you the much needed confidence boost to get you to the top of your game before the interview. Although this may require a little more effort, but trust me, it will be worth it.

5. Talk To The Staff

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You find yourself arriving at the office early and have about 15 minutes to spare. Don’t just sit around doing nothing like a potato – be friendly and talk to the staff around there! The goal is to try and pry information about their company culture. Aim for things like: Where do they have lunch? What’s working there like? Basically anything you can think about (except the salary, sensitive topic people…) to help you get to know the company better. This will calm your nerves down, extensively.

Besides, this will also make them feel like you’re a nice person to work with. Know that the person interviewing you may very well discuss their interview they just had with you, with the other staff that you have just met! By having a great first impression with them, they could vouch for you to get the job as well!


So there you go, all set for your ‘dreaded-no-more interview’. Go get it girl! Or boy! Get in there and show them you’re the one *shines spotlight*. However, if all else fails and you get in there shaking, just squeeze your butt cheeks or your thighs. Try it. Pretty impossible for you to have shaky hands if you squeeze them (butt cheeks and thighs) tight.

Best of luck!



Posted by Eleanor Eyu

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