When you’re getting ready for an interview, you’re probably mostly focused on the difficult questions you may have to face. After all, that’s what an interview is all about. But before you get the chance to show off your amazingly thought-out answers, you’ll already have all eyes on you, evaluating your potential to fit the job and the company. From the moment you walk in through the door, you have to make a great first impression. Check out these great tips to help you make your first impression count.


Being punctual is essential to attending a job interview, especially if it’s for your dream job. And no matter how many times this has been mentioned before, please, show up on time. If you have no choice, and you really cannot make it on time, give the interviewer a call, they will definitely appreciate it much more than you turning up 20 minutes late and offering up a lame excuse.

Being punctual is essential to a job interview, especially if it’s your dream jobHow you look probably won’t be the basis of the employer’s decision. But it’s always good to dress the part. When you show up in a formal shirt and tie
with leather shoes, and a briefcase, it shows professionalism. On the other hand, if you show up with a stack of CVs and an umbrella, you probably won’t show the same sense of professionalism.

Coffee might be a great idea to give you a little kick before you go for that big interview, but it won’t be a good idea to bring that paper cup along with you into the office. You don’t want your first few lines to be something like, “Hey, you got a dustbin back there?”

Put Your Phone Away

It’s only natural to pull out your smartphone when you have to wait. But if you’re waiting at the lobby before an interview, don’t default to your phone. Take that time to go over your CV, and make sure everything’s in order. Then when the interviewer comes, you don’t want to be caught off guard browsing through the latest Tweets on Twitter and stuffing your phone back into your pocket.

Make The First Move

You’ll probably expect the employer to make the first move when it comes to introductions during an interview. However that may be true, don’t count on it. Don’t be afraid to extend your hand first for that introductory handshake. This shows that you’re excited, confident, and ready for the interview.



Posted by Derek Toh

Derek is the founder and CEO of WOBB.CO. He was part of the pioneer batch for the Stanford-MaGIC Entrepreneurship Program, and is also a mentor for McKinsey & Company's Youth Leadership Academy. Derek is on a mission to revolutionise work culture in Asia. He cares about initiatives that improve education and the talent market. Derek is also a big fan of superhero movies, and has been told that he drinks too much coffee during the day.