Startups are young companies that are just beginning to develop. Often, one may assume that a startup is a company with high risk as they have little history and an unproven track record.

Having big names like PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) or Intel garnished on your CV may be a dream come true, but we urge you to take the path less trodden.

We’re ready to answer your question – why choose a startup versus large multinational companies?

1. Nurture Your Passion


Startups are growing and changing every day. Even though you may be new in a startup, you will immediately feel as though you are a meaningful part of the group in terms of handling new issues or brainstorming for ideas.

The best part is that your colleagues are usually brimming with innovation and entrepreneurial energy! This contagious nature will definitely boost your passion in whichever position you are placed into.

2. Personal Growth


Working in a small company means your job scope will be undefined. You will quickly improve on existing skills while constantly adopting new skills for different projects. The responsibility that you carry will grow with the company and you will likely have more opportunities for career advancement than you would in a more established company.

3. Awesome Company Culture


A small-sized company means you get to know each and every one of your colleagues! In addition, startups have less bureaucracy – resulting in less office politics. One may also expect to mingle with the founders of the company and learn a thing or two from them. This awesome company culture will make you feel as though you are part of a close-knitted family where you can freely express yourself.

4. Your Chance To Be Influential

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With direct access to the company’s top management, your opinions impact the company significantly and can even determine the next course of action. Also, rest assured that your performance will be seen, evaluated and appreciated.

5. Networking


In startups, you often have to chance to attend seminars, industry events and conferences. While this can greatly boost self-development, one should grab this opportunity to build professional contacts just in case you’re in need of a good recommendation or for future career opportunities.

So, startups are starting to sound like just the thing for you? You’d be amazed to find that Malaysia has quite a list of startups that might just cater to your skills. Companies like True Vox Asia, 3ciety, FLEXIROAM and Silver Mouse are just a few!

Click here to open a new window (pun intended) of opportunities! Joining a startup is definitely a unique experience as you will be part of its growth right from the beginning to wherever it may lead you to be.


Which way will you go?

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Posted by Rebecca Koay