You have heard it before. The startup culture, startup working style. Startup this, startup that. Why do millennials gravitate towards an office or company that operates in this kind of style?

Well we break it down in a few points for you on why is it that the known style of startup culture appeals:

Elements that attract millennials towards the startup culture and how they work

1. Impactful Work

Millennials Startup Jobs Malaysia

Millennials often want to see direct results from their efforts and they are often not afraid to take that big leap, and most startup cultures give them the kind of platform to do so.

In larger companies like Fortune 500 ones for example, creating a big movement can be slower and takes up more time compared to startups, who are not so risk adverse. Risk is what paves the way for change isn’t it?

Even when there is change:

The relation of direct involvement may not be as evident in a large company as compared to that of a smaller startup company.

A lot of flak is given to the ‘rewards junkies’ millennials, but in some ways, that kind of mental process sets a for a faster road to the company’s overall goal (though yes, risky).


2. Empowerment and Purpose

Millennials Startup Jobs Malaysia

Startup cultures encourage empowerment in their business. They make sure to let people know that each opinion counts regardless who its from, and that anyone can make a decision as long as it is beneficial for the company.

Millennials, with the state of their environments and era they grew up in, giving them the freedom to make their own decisions and work however they want to achieve the needed results gives them a sense of empowerment. We could say they do not like being ruled over with an iron will, and…

…that they prefer to feel trusted that the job will be done well, and that their opinions and methods  arerespected.

Millennials often want to work for a purpose, rather than just how much money it could bring them (but of course a sustainable salary is always a priority). Remember that:

Providing for the family is rarely one of their career goals, but rather it is to work for a cause that they believe in.

That is just how they operate now.


3. Showing Off

Millennials Startup Jobs MalaysiaIt is common for startups to often give attention towards the ability to learn, adapt and showcase. Hence, this works very much in favour towards millennials because they often are interested in showcasing their talent and the skills. This can be akin to them sharing their lives on social networks and receiving attention from it. In other words, ‘they live for the likes‘.

An environment that enables them to show off their skills will build upon their confidence, and this results in millennials viewing their job as a lifestyle, not just merely just a 9 to 5 daily routine.

It becomes something that ‘defines them’ as individuals.

Their liking towards showcasing talent also feeds upon their ability to be flexible and work across different areas on a job. Since startups often focus on lean functionality, the millennial mentality could be great assets as they often like to connect the dots between their tasks, life and networks. This then results in higher levels of adaptability due to that insatiable will for making everything seem proper for ‘sharing purposes‘.

“Everything must look great because this is what defines me as a person and what I do.” – Most millennials


How can employers take up these elements to better attract millennial talent?

1. Opportunity For Meaningful Work

Millennials Startup Jobs Malaysia

When millennials are given the autonomy to resonate their values with the companies value, it boots their passion which results in them going above and beyond, exceeding expectations all for the company’s success.

So, for example if employers could allow more time for millennials to spend maybe a day to two in a week to work on aspects of a task that they truly enjoy and serves a purpose to them, then there is a high chance of a positive shift in the company coming your way!

The art of trying to incorporate a millennial’s value with a job could be very rewarding not only for the millennial him or herself but also for the company.


2. Interactive Training

Millennials Startup Jobs Malaysia

Since millennials often use unconventional ways to get along a task they need to complete such as using YouTube, and other collaborative programs, employers could also take this as an opportunity to introduce more programs that have an interactive style rather than a one way program of a supervisor merely just instructing an intern.

Fast paced but effective training programs also appeal to millennials as it is able to keep their attention and also requires them to be on their feet in producing results rather than ones which drag on resulting in a lost of interest.

Also keeping in mind that millennials are often not the ones to pick up a book and do as it says. Thus, training that challenges their thoughts and requires them to provide active feedback and creative problem solving could be very useful as well.


3. Flexibility

Millennials Startup Jobs Malaysia

In terms of attracting millennials, employers could also broaden their perspectives on results. See, what matters is producing results especially when it is needed not HOW the results are produced. Hence, employers could take that leap of faith in allowing millennials to work remotely, at a coffee shop and with flexible hours towards a certain tolerable extent.

This allows millennials to not only have a sense of responsibility towards their tasks, but it also reduces their bad stress and pressure which in return enhances their acknowledgement towards their job as well as their loyalty.

Flexibility can be very hard to understand and can sometimes be seen as a gamble as well. However, with millennials it can be useful to trust that just because one is in the office from 9 to 5, it doesn’t mean efficiency is present. Hence, allowing flexible hours could produce amazing results!


Here are our few ideas on how millennials are closely related to startup cultures and how employers could use this as a guideline on attracting and hiring millennials. Let the hunt begin!



Posted by Nitiya