4 walls, 1 way in and 1 way out. That just about sums up the image of a typical environment of an interview room. While you are not interviewing candidates to find a new jogging partner or new best bud, but there are many reasons to give your candidates well-planned office tours.

But why you may ask?

You see, a well-planned office tour is not just a simple walk around the office to show off that brand new coffee machine in the pantry; an office tour serves more than just that. It would give you as a recruiter great insights into your candidates’ mind and character.

So what are those insights?


Gauging Compatibility

jobs malaysia office tours team-player

“Why wouldn’t he be a team player? His name is James!”

15 minutes in and you heard about most of the answers that you need to hear from your candidate. As for personalities, you have been told that they are analytical, diligent and everything in between. Now while the candidate can explain how they are as a person, wouldn’t it be better for you to gauge through your personal observation?

By bringing them around the office and introducing them to your employees, you’re able to gauge what kind of person they are without relying on mere words.

It’s during these moments of interaction with the employees you can gauge whether they would fit into the team as a person and how they would treat strangers and soon to be ( if all goes well ) colleagues. Granted you might not need a socialite in the office depending on the job scope, it helps to know that a candidate is comfortable with the team and vice versa.

Are They Really Interested?

jobs malaysia office tours eyes-open

“He has huge eyes, which leads me to believe he pays attention”

Showing the candidates around the company and introducing them to the employees can also help to measure their interest in the company. For example,

  • Do they question what the employees are working on?
  • Do they take the initiative to look around without you guiding?
  • Are they interested in knowing where the departments are situated?

The questions that you want to hear from a candidate may vary depending on the industry you work in but signs of curiosity and attention to detail are generally good signs in a candidate regardless. There are many different jobs in Malaysia and looking for the right traits are important.

Creative industries like an interior design firm may want to hear questions like for example, “Was the office décor designed by an employee or did you hire an outside designer?” Speaking of which;

Now before you put office tour in your checklist when you carry out your interviews, it’s good to note that the office tour should be carried out together with someone from the department which the candidate has applied to. This makes the process of knowing if the person is compatible with the team or not much easier.

You won’t be the only one that will be working with the candidate so, get everyone involved in the hiring process (this includes new employees ) since they might be working with the candidate eventually.



jobs malaysia office tours creativity

“I present to you our thinking room”

A lot of people like taking a walk around an area to find inspiration. Showing the candidates around the office could help you and your candidate build some creative juices that may be useful during the interview process.
According to researchers Marily Oppezzo and Daniel L. Schwartz from Stanford University, walking can help the brain come up with more creative ideas. The researchers had done a study regarding how walking can influence creativity.


A Relaxed Experience

jobs malaysia office tours relax

“Welcome to our employee lounge, what do you think about it?”

Interviews and interrogations are quite similar, there is one party answering the questions and another that answers. While the agenda of interviews are different the environment is really not. We’ve all seen some candidates unfortunately clam up during an interview, and asking them to relax usually results in them doing the exact opposite.

Bringing the candidate around during the interview process lets the candidate (and yourself included), feel more relaxed. Think of it as showing a guest around the house, it’s a friendly gesture and it helps to create a more interactive experience for you and the guest (your candidate).


Helping Them Make A Decision

jobs malaysia office tours decision

“Based on your answers, the system says you’re still reluctant. Why?”

Taking your candidates out for a stroll around the office can also help them make the decision on whether or not to work for your company. You wouldn’t want to have an occasion where a candidate agreed to work for a company, only to find that the work culture didn’t suit them and left after spending just a few weeks in the office.

As somebody who is in charge of the hiring process, it’s never good to hear that a new hire left after being with the company for just a few weeks. If a simple office tour can help in making a sound decision, it is definitely worth the effort rather than having a new hire that doesn’t fit.

Well, all is not lost if the candidate doesn’t decide to pursue their career in your company. Think of it, if the candidate had a good time during the interview, they would also be telling their peers about the experience and that would put up a good impression for your company, thus encouraging more applications!


You as an interviewer will also have to come to a decision on whether to hire the candidate or not, and an office tour might provide you useful insights that may be crucial in making a decision.
Just remember to be friendly and welcoming when carrying out the office tour and leave yourself a good impression as well.
Good Luck.



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