8 to 10 hours a day, that’s how long we averagely spend time at the office. And within this time frame, you are stuck with other people who would probably be thinking the same things as you are; trying to finish work, what’s for lunch later, how to get this blasted printer to work, when will salary come in, etc. It is pretty obvious that each one of you would have to accept that you will be all caged together for the next coming hours, days, or maybe even years to come, so why not play it nice and make friends out of each other?

No hissing, no flared out fur. To be a nice human to other humans at the office, follow these 5 ways:


1. That Morning Entrance

Do you slouch into the office, eyes down, not a word said, and start your work immediately? If so, this might be one of the reasons why you mostly get ignored or avoided by your colleagues.

Enter your workplace with a pleasant smile or an overly cheerful “Hello!” in the morning. A simple hello or a smile as you arrive will not only make you look prominent, but will also loosen all those chilly moods and breed friendly relations (this matters the most on Monday mornings so please do!).

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2. Small Talk: It’s an Art

It is okay to learn a little bit about the people you spend more than 8 hours of your day with. Learn about their favourite movies, books, music, hobbies, interests, dreams, etc. If you show a genuine interest in them, it will make them more comfortable to be around you. Yes, ‘genuine’ meaning ‘really want to know’, be involved, and not just for the sake of it!

You would also not want to seem like an overly talkative or nosy person. It’s best to look for an opportunity that’s not intrusive, or ask for an appropriate time to chat ‘em up.


“Hey you free man, have ya seen this funny thing before?” “So how was your trip to so-and-so last weekend?”

Knowing people better will help remind your co-workers that you are human and have feelings and emotions, not a robot, and not just ‘some fella who sits at one corner each day, hmmm what’s his name again?’.

And yes, don’t forget to share your stories as well or you will just come off as some creep.


3. Dodge the Gossip

Tempting it is to jump into that oh-so-tantalising-gossip in the office! Other than work related, weather related, or traffic related conversations, one of the most shared topics in offices is gossip.

“Hey, you know that girl there, she shoe-shine giler wei….the boss like oh. No wonder got raise!”

The temptation to add on to that is hard to resist but remember, doing so will only demean your image among your co-workers.


So let’s say there is a hot new office romance going on or someone is getting fired for whatever weird reason, and one of your co-workers is “sharing” the information with you. Give a stare and switch to how you found out about how unicorns managed to be tamed by wiring electrodes to their upper thighs.


4. Cap that Fuse

Most of the time, stress at work has less to do with work itself, it is actually more about the people that populate the office. It could be a particular colleague or manager giving you a hard time or maybe there is just some rascal that keeps bumming you out. Keeping your cool in situations like this can be hard, but maintaining your composure is very important for YOURSELF.

gaming bomb seconds left clutch

Dealing with humans is difficult work. It is not easy as there are a myriad of personality types that need to be dealt with different approaches. Just remember that there will be unfortunate times where you might have to end up in a disagreement or a small tiff with a colleague. Don’t to stoop to lower levels. Be patient and do not take things personally at work. Keeping your cool is one way to win title of ‘Zen master’ or ‘people’s favourite’ in the office. Remember that by doing this, it ultimately makes life easier for you. Blow up and nobody wins.


5. Own your Mistakes and (try to) Fix them

Nobody is perfect. Not one person on this globe can never make a mistake. Even geniuses blow up their laboratories or make viruses that doom humanity sometimes. The toughest part of this is admitting that “it was all my fault!”

We might feel downtrodden or full of shame but in fact admitting and owning up to your mistake shows that you are humble, confident, and brave enough to face all the lashing. This is a personality trait that is highly respected and regarded.

Also, just admitting that you messed up is not going to help much; you should also try to come with a plan to fix it! This proves your proactiveness and willingness to learn from mistakes, helping you gain back respect and trust.



So there you have it, just 5 simple things anyone could do to improve and brighten up relations with the people around. These traits not only work in the office, but should be carried forward to life in general (OMG, so preachy haha!).

Smile with all the goodness in your heart, talk well and mean well, and be a good human.



Posted by Nadeel Batool