For the majority of us though, let’s face it. No matter how much we love our jobs (or hate it sometimes), or whether there is actual work to do (or none at all!), there are times where we are honestly just plain bored at work!

So how do you cure this boredom? Play online games at work? Nah your colleagues will kill you and your boss will fire you. Do questionable things online to feed that happy endorphin dopamine into your grey matter? Nope, nope, please don’t go there. All our content here is SFW (not NSFW… so do continue reading!).

These are just some simple tips to get you started on alleviating that slug-like feeling at the office.


1. Start Your Day Right!

Boredom may creep in WAY before one even starts work. If you prime yourself to be bored by starting your day with, “aww man it’s gonna be another boring day at the office,” or “sigh….same shit different day…” you are bound to be wholesomely bored at work just because you willed yourself to be that way.

Yes, start it right!

Have breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day and we agree! It is also scientifically proven that the right tunes boost mood and morale throughout the day.

Also, a better and shorter commute to work also helps start the day right (yes, yes, we know it may be unavoidable for some but do keep your head up high!). Or you could always switch up your commute by taking public transportation (yes I know you just rolled your eyes), or even cycling to work (if within reasonable distance). This allows you to see your commute from a change of perspective.


2. Gamify Your Work!

Making your work seem like a game full of achievements to be unlocked, levels to beat, and power ups can make your work so much more fun and rewarding.

You can start with a list of things-to-do (levels to beat or achievements to be unlocked). This can really help you to keep agendas in check and strive to finish whatever that’s on your plate. This will not only make you be more productive at work, but you’ll be able to feel some form of gratification from ‘winning’ at the ‘game’ (level up! Gain 3264 experience points!).

New challenges accepted! It can be anything actually. From improving your senior’s sales presentations, organising and knocking down all that backlogged paperwork, or troubleshooting various issues. Do what you need to do to properly ‘engage’ yourself at work any you win! Flawless victory!


3. Work Your Workspace

You’re probably spending more time at your workspace than at home (yes, take a moment to let that sink in), so why not decorate it as you would at home? It is proven that spaces with personal touches tend to keep the occupant calm and focused much more as compared to somewhere barren and unfamiliar.

First, de-clutter your desk and drawers (if you have any). Then, bring in some greenery, add some colour to the table or invest in storage organisation! IKEA is one great place to start, or you could always just build stuff if you have the know-how to do some DIY. The workspace becomes so much less boring once it is personalised to your liking!

Here are some examples of what you could do.


4. Power Nap! Or Just Get Better Sleep

There is a high probability that it may not be your office work that’s breeding boredom, it could just be that your batteries are exhausted and are in dire need of supercharging.

No energy = can’t do work right = slow progress = boredom = more energy sapped.

Rinse and repeat.

Grab your phone, find a quiet corner in the office and shut your eyes for awhile. Do set your alarm with vibrate on for 20 minutes. A good solid 20 minutes of napping can boost your energy levels enough to last you the rest of the day. And if you don’t wake up….

…means you probably just need to get better sleep back at home. Sufficient sleep within the 7 – 8 hour duration is needed to give your body the time to repair and rejuvenate itself. Don’t forego sleep! You will regret it when you are older.


5. Take A Breather

You’ll be amazed to see what 120 seconds can do to change the flow of your work. Whether it is some light exercise or web browsing breaks – do it! Rehydrating is another way to keep tiredness at bay as water can refresh your body, clear the digestive tract, and ease your clogged mind.

Take a walk too. It helps. Walk down that flight of stairs to the outdoors and bath in the glorious sun for that dose of Vitamin D. Having a change of scenery for as little as 5 – 10 minutes can help rejuvenate the senses.

Also, take some time off to connect with your colleagues. Walk around and say hi. Do some small talk (please anything except topics about the weather). Catching up on their lives and interests (while sharing yours as well) helps build good relationships and fosters camaraderie in the office; helping you enjoy your time at the office and makes work much less frustrating and mind numbing.


6. Get The Blood Pumping!

Doing light stretches, some bodyweight movements like pushups, squats, or crunches can help give the heart a jumpstart and blood pumping. This helps kick your mind into a more receptive state enabling you to be more attentive and overall a little more ‘excited’ to do other things. If people give you the funny look and ask what are you trying to do, reply “a healthy body houses a healthy mind!”

Here are some great suggestions of some forms of exercise you could do at the office!


7. Conjure A New Skill

Whether it is a language or cooking method, an online management course or educational podcasts – there’s no better way to make the most out of your boredom! Keep your mind busy while integrating these new skills with your line of work. You could research new trends and keep up to date, whether it is work related or just personal interests, it will definitely help stave off the boredom for at least a little while.

Get online or do some reading. Improve other skills you possess, learn new things, read stuff that actually teaches you stuff. Youtube channels Ted Talks and Big Think are some great places to get the mind rolling about humanity, science, life skills and beyond.


8. Take On A New Responsibility      

You could opt to take on a new challenge around the office to help give you something to worry about and actually do. It could be as mundane as being the sole person responsible for the lives of the office plants, or even the responsibility of making the office look like a nicer place to be. These tasks assist your brain to get excited over something to do that is not the usual office work, and it may even help you start getting excited over your REAL office work.


You should consider boredom a great opportunity. Boredom means that you have time on your hands to get up and make improvements. You could take this situation and turn it into something productive and beneficial for yourself and maybe even your office.

If these quick tips aren’t helping to cure the boredom, the root of the problem could be the job itself. Maybe you need a whole new challenge? Maybe you are not learning anymore? Watch out for these signs as they mean that you’re not doing what you’re meant to do.

Speak to your employer and find ways to rectify the issue. If all fails, find yourself a better fit! We know just the place for you to start!



Posted by Rebecca Koay