Bad habits are like our traits. People who knew us long enough can easily recognise us from the behaviour we display such as chewing pens, shaking our legs, tapping our pens on the table or chewing with our mouths open (the worst ever!). These bad habits; a.k.a annoying, disruptive, I-can-honestly-kill-you habits can definitely turn the whole office against you if you don’t do something about it soon. Let’s be honest here, we’re all guilty of bringing in one or two bad habits into the office, sometimes even subconsciously.

So here are some of our favourite bad habit categories (we gave them nicknames) in the office that will ruin you.


The Apologiser

 jobs malaysia bad habits sorry

According to plenty of sources, apologising is actually an automated reflex, whether you mean it or not. But there is a difference between ‘being nice’ and a ‘pushover’. In the workplace, one shouldn’t be too ‘nice’ (yeah, you read that right). Overly apologising just shows that you’re not confident, feel inadequate and submissive to others. While you might think that a polite apology makes you look agreeable, but in actual fact, you’re making everyone around you feel uncomfortable engaging a conversation with you.

Sometimes, it might even be an invitation to abuse (unless you’re the type to stand up for yourself) and you lose respect from your co-workers.

You are not a pushover! Time to learn that not everything in your sentence must hyphen with “sorry”.


The Procrastinator

jobs malaysia bad habits procrastinator

Low and behold the killer of all productivity in life. Do you know someone who fits into this category? Or maybe, this person is you. Procrastination is a parasite that latches on to you for LIFE. Unless you do something about it lah… This person always procrastinates every time they get their share of work. “I’ll do this later,” says this hard worker after updating his to-do board. You bet your ass he ain’t gonna ‘do that later’! Chances are he’s going to forget about it.

Do NOT Procrastinate anything!

Especially in team related work. If your procrastination requires others to work faster, you might anger your team mates. Not everybody can keep up with your awesome work ethics (not the sarcasm), so don’t be selfish.


The Excuse Giver. Tardiness (Showing up late)

jobs malaysia bad habits late

So you were late for work because you stayed up till 3am to binge watch a series on Netflix. You overslept, skipped breakfast, took a super brief shower and rushed to the office because you have a 9am meeting. Surprise, surprise, you were late like… 30 minutes ago kinda late! And just like any other meeting before that sadly had you included; you could only say “Sorry I’m late! Traffic Jam la.” Jeez talk about responsibility.

Well I’m not implying this is you. We all know that one person who comes up with these lame excuses. All jobs in Malaysia have that one person. How long have you been living in Malaysia to not notice the traffic conditions?

Here’s a tip: If you’re going to be late just say so. Let someone in the office (preferably your direct manager) that you’re going to be late and don’t lie about your ETA. Plus, there is always Waze and Google Maps to help you keep track of traffic (which also means that the others will roughly know whether there was really any traffic at all or not!)


Avoiding Work (don’t confuse with procrastination)

jobs malaysia bad habits avoid

This happens to people who feel they have been overloading on work. If you are one of these people and you find yourself continuously hesitating to take on work or are skillful enough at finding someone who can do better at a task than you, then you may just be evidently denying yourself the chance to learn something new.

There’s a fine line between delegating work and simply avoiding it.  Delegating is an aptitude for assigning specific tasks to the appropriate people, while avoiding just means not doing the work at all. The more you off load, the more you put pressure on others.

This doesn’t mean that you should say “Yes” to every other task though. The best way to go about it is to have clear goals. Having goals and understanding the purpose or the context of your work will help you prioritize and can also be a good motivator at work.


The Donald Trump (Bragging)

 jobs malaysia bad habits bragging

I’m sure a lot of us need a little ego boosting once in a while; especially when we’re proud of an accomplishment or something good that has happened to us, it’s only natural to want to share the news with others.

However, when you go on and on and one and on and on and on…and on…telling it to everybody who walks by, it’s called bragging and nobody likes a bragger. We as human beings have a tendency to shout out about ourselves once in awhile because, through evolutionary traits it is sort of like us ‘pruning our feathers to look pretty’ – just like a peacock. We just have to know when to do it, and when it is too much for others to take.


The Debbie Downer

jobs malaysia bad habits downer

Are you a pessimist? Do you constantly question the decisions your co-worker makes? Or do you add just that extra bit of negativity to a bad news? Or do you just sigh at your desk about how boring your life is and then bring over that deary atmosphere everywhere you go?

If you answered yes to any of these (or all) then congratulations! You are a Debbie Downer. A Debbie Downer is a person who says terribly depressing things and typically destroys the hopes and dreams of others. They’re also the lone wolves in the office who hate changes and scowls when told they’re wrong.

An all work and no play office is boring enough. Take your anti-depressants Debbie!


The Gossip Girls

jobs malaysia bad habits gossip

Let’s be honest guys, we all loooooove gossip. It’s a fun “bonding” time between co-workers and colleagues where they can talk about many things (or about people…especially people). It’s what brings people together – in a way lah.

Unbeknownst to these “head hunters”, gossiping and ‘poison arrow slinging’ is actually an unhealthy activity and promotes depression, especially for the person that’s being gossiped about.  Gossip in the workplace kills productivity, creates discontent among employees, increases conflict and resentment, and overall decreases the morale of the staff network.

Gossip is such a waste of time, because in the end nobody wins. #nodrama


The Disorganised Hoarder

jobs malaysia bad habits hoarder

Don’t you just hate office slobs? They claim the sink with their dirty cups and plates. They clutter their desk with documents that sometimes pour over to the other tables, and not to mention ‘The Great Tower of Coffee Cups’! God forbid if there was anything breeding or decaying food pieces laying anywhere that area (but the probability of having that is like 99%).

Some offices allow their employees to decorate their office desks. Simple decorations like table calendars and a few cute polaroid photos. That’s just fine. But a whole collection of Marvel’s figurines? This is not a Comic Con booth, people. Know your limits. Your desk is not just entitled to you, but also the office janitor and your colleagues as well. If you receive complaints about having too much shit at your working space, it’s probably time to clear most of your things out before someone clears YOU out!


So yes, check yourself. Maybe you could be more than one of these types of people in offices. It is time for change! A good change!




Posted by Ili Syazeaa

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