The very mention of the word ‘Digi’ envelopes your mind with all manners of yellow. If you are old enough to be subjected to television advertising (which I am sure you are), just back at about a decade ago (wow that’s a long time!), ‘yellow’ will always be coupled with that infamous jingle “I will follow you…”, and flash images of a yellow-face-painted man in a bubble-like yellow suit running around a ‘slice-of-life’ styled series of Malaysian situations.

From a humble a tag-along persona among the 3 big boys of local Malaysian telecommunications providers, Digi has now grown into its very own special kind of brand.

Over the years, Digi has solidified its position as one of Malaysia’s leading employers that push hard on the boundaries of work ethics, work hard, play hard, and a great company culture.

This persona is further embodied by their headquarters, aptly named ‘D’House’ – a large glassed complex nestled around greenery and sunlight. But a large beautiful office is just a shell without its occupants. The company’s prized employees, called ‘Digizens’, are the core of what makes Digi well… ‘Digi’.


Open With Clarity

Just as the design of D’House suggests, Digi is really big on transparency and openness in the work environment.

When you think about large corporations with over two thousand staff members and nationwide operations, it is hard to view yourself as an individual that can be seen even as minutely significant; and also knowing what your top management is doing is an even harder thing to witness.

But that has changed much over years.

Open communication channels are what hold ‘Digizens’ together, and building on this culture, Digi brings the channels even closer for young talent to begin their transition as a Digizen with the next round of their CXO Apprentice Programme.


The Digi CXO Apprentice Programme

So what is this CXO Apprentice Programme all about? To put it simply, Digi wants to close the gap between millennials and the C-suite level. After its first run in back in 2016, Digi wants to recreate the success of this programme again this year.

The CXO Apprentice Programme is a 12-month apprenticeship/mentorship that invites 7 selected young talents to shadow 7 of Digi’s C-suite guys (CXOs). This gives these young talents an opportunity to individually pursue an experience within a specific division of Digi under the wings of Digi’s Chiefs.


Why the CXO Apprentice Programme?

1. Specialise under a Mentor

Unlike the typical Management Trainee programmes that are run over a 18 – 24 month duration with trainees being rotated across the entire company’s job functions; if you are selected as one of the 7 apprentices, you will be streamlined into a specific division based on your field of study and expertise (or they might even decide to change it up and have you work somewhere not within your scope – to make it challenging and interesting at the same time!).

Digi’s CXO Apprentice Programme allows apprentices to specialise and work closely with their mentors over the entire 12 month period, solving real challenges across the company, while being part of the ongoing innovation dynamo in the company.

In a nutshell, as an apprentice, you will be seeing and learning from your assigned Digi chief every single working day of the week. Like a shadow yes!

Digi promises mentors, not bosses, who will help enhance the learning experience for the 7 apprentices, giving them unparalleled exposure and accelerated growth at the very start of their careers.

To note, apprentices will be working closely with any one of these 7 Digi Chiefs: the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Chief HR Officer, and the Chief Digital Officer.

Upon completion of the 12 month program, and that you have proved to be a valuable addition to Digi’s family, you will then be placed into a permanent position in yellowland.

On the job training and a secure job. Sweet deal isn’t it?


2. Focus on Self Development

Besides shadowing the chiefs at Digi and learning how the business works, you will also have the opportunity to leverage on digital learning platforms such as, Udacity and Coursera, and take advantage of Digi’s employee accelerator programs. Digi even has their own self-maintained ‘MakerLab’ at D’House to encourage innovation among Digizens.

Currently, there are many who have taken up the ‘Udacity Nanodegree Programs’ and are learning hard core tech skills and techniques used by app developers.

Apprentices are encouraged to use these platforms to build skills and better prepare themselves for workplace digitisation, as well as to serve an ever growing customer base that is increasingly leaning towards digital technology in their everyday lives.


Not Just The 7 Lucky Ones Can Find a Placement At Digi!

Though the CXO Apprentice Programme is limited to just 7 lucky individuals; you would also be surprised to know that for the last CXO Apprentice Programme in 2016, Digi not only hired the apprentices, but also 22 more candidates from the pool who have applied because they made great additions to the organistion!

These 22 candidates, from their qualifications, skills and achievements, have all found roles in various parts of Digi’s operations. The best thing for this time round, Digi looks to increase that number of placements even more in 2017!


Who Can Join This Programme?

CXO Apprentice Programme remains true to Digi’s motto of having the ‘Freedom To Inspire The Next’ by facilitating an avenue where mentors can deliver engaging and meaningful on-the-job learning experiences for apprentices. Having a purposeful environment where people can be a part of something greater, is definitely a strong driver of great talent.

The programme is open to all final year Malaysian students or fresh graduates with less than 1 year of working experience. So if you think you fit the bill and have the drive to succeed, don’t wait up any longer! Sign up now for the Digi CXO Apprentice Programme and experience the ultimate career kick-starter!

Don’t wait!
Applications close on the 11th of June, 2017!



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