For most of the world, 2016 kinda sucked in many ways. It took several well-known celebrities and entertainers with it, had one too many critical situations that took many lives, stock markets continue to spiral a downward trend, and our good ol’ Ringgit has seen much, much better days.

2016 has also been quite a trying year for businesses all over the country. With our weakening Ringgit and slow economy, it has made many businesses buckle down budget cuts, layoffs, mergers, or even the ultimate price to pay – pulling the down the shutter. This has not only affected the smaller, young upstarts, but the bigger guns have also felt the tremors as well. So if you still have a job by the end of 2016, you gotta be one of the lucky ones.

Well, sorry for painting such a bleak, monochrome picture of the situation but hey, that’s what it really has been this year. So as we inch to a close of the year that has been

So what have you done this year that needs to be different the next? Think long and hard. Oh well, maybe not that hard. You probably even know it yourself; that few niggling problems that you have been wanting to fix for ages but never have. Maybe it’s procrastination? Maybe it’s the inability to get out of that shell of yours and make new contacts? Maybe it could be that inability to stop raiding the office pantry to everyone’s dismay?

Whatever it is, you know it is a problem, and it has to change. Here are some tips to help you along the way in making your career a more positive and fulfilling one in 2017:



It is no secret that most opportunities are born from the people you know. Maybe it is time to rethink that reclusive hermit mode and get out there to meet more people. Networking is a strange wonderful thing. It can be hard if you think of it, but when you don’t, it could just happen even before you know it. From a friend of a friend, a business contact to another, it is no doubt that making contacts is easier than you think, but it is maintaining them that’s the problem.

Maybe there are some people in your professional career that you haven’t seen in awhile, maybe there are some people in your personal life that you haven’t had a drink with for sometime. Get up, get out, and go retain those connections! Time has passed and time builds opportunities, it’s just up to you to make the connection.



Like the last tip above, hermiting (if that even is a term to use) can directly spoil your chances meeting and making opportunities happen for you. If you feel the slouch and don’t really have the energy levels of a Red Bull-infused athlete, you could also always be active online. Maintaining an online presence in the age of social networking is a must to anyone looking for a long run with their career. Facebook is the normal go-to social network, but you should also always engage people through different channels.

LinkedIn is one that is a must have for working professionals all around the globe and if you are not on it yet, then get your ass on it! It makes connecting with the people you know from work and the people they know from work way easier. It can also let your know how some people from your circle of friends are doing in their careers – jealousy can sometimes make you do wonders (just so you know).



Yes you. The lazy sloth you are. Yes you have a job that pays and work can never ever get ‘done’; but that doesn’t mean you stop progressing to be better at what you do! Procrastination is the mother of all failures and that needs to be addressed if you would want better ratings and brownie points in the office.

Take it that if you continue the procrastination streak, you will get worse at your job, and you will get worse as a human, and nothing will get done. And when there is nothing that gets done, your office will also be done with you.

Complacency and procrastination go hand in hand and the more you work to oust one of it out, you will see the benefits, career wise and personal wise.



Sometimes sitting back and watching the world go by can be the best thing to do. Letting the gears churn and following the flow can be the wisest thing, but only sometimes. Maybe it is time that you make your voice known and that your say should be something of weight as well. It has been proven time to time that those who choose to remain silent just doing their work and going home are not usually highly regarded in the office network. Good relationships with others in the office is key to a healthy working life, and it also has proven to heighten productivity as well.

On the case of you wanting stuff for your professional career, no one will know what’s in your head till you form it into audible words for them to hear. Maybe you would want a raise, maybe you would want a little time off, maybe you would just like to change your office desk. No one will know you want these things unless you speak up.



Change is inevitable, and change is good. Maybe what you want this coming year would be a change. Small or drastic, it can only happen if you learn to let go of your current shackles and look around for opportunities. I am not suggesting that you be constantly swiping left and right on a job portal in hopes that a new job might arrive, but what I am suggesting is that you should keep at your work and be open for opportunities that may drop by to say hello.

Maybe you hate the current place you are in and need a breath of fresh air, maybe you love your current job and think there there is no where else better. But hey, there is always a chance that there just around the corner lies a golden egg waiting to be chanced upon. It might even be a switch of job but it could be a switch of job role. Who knows where the wind blows? (queen – bohemian rhapsody)



So there, some tips to get you drumming up the excitement bar for the new year to come. May these tease your mind a little to make some changes and I can assure you it will all be better next year. We shouldn’t end up frozen like what we happily do for the #mannequinchallenge. We need to move, and move forward is what it is.

So… good riddance 2016, you gave us much, you took us much, but left us with great impressions on how to fix ourselves. Onward 2017 and a very happy new year from all of us at WOBB!

Here’s a perfect song for you to close the year!



Posted by Joshua Boey

I write (type) stuff that may or may not make sense unless you speak otter. I also like my sugar with coffee and cream.